Gardening – How to Plant a Gardener How to rebuild your garden

Do you like the idea of ​​rebuilding without overgrown thorns and thistles? It could be a way to install a primer.

North American farms may not have a large landscape, but they can create small farms, even in small areas, ”said Walkhouse, Arbiji K., Deputy Director of Wild Biodiversity and Landscaping, Vegetation and Research Ed Ekin. In Sussex.

Ekin has demolished a project that has already sown 12 million seeds, and more than 50,000 plants will be planted by hand in a new six-acre American hectare in Wekhurst in September — and you can replicate at least that small part of yourself. His own garden. Here, Iikin explains how…

What is a field? From the lower part of the ground to the grass, to the flowers that can be reached, it is made up of several layers of grass.

Is there suitable soil? Light or medium soils are good. If you have very heavy soil or you may need to add some sand or crushed stone to select plants that are suitable for your soil. “The land should be well developed, but the smaller it is, the better. Ideally they only work with the conditions you have, they can be planted in the sun if you can. Fields are open fields. ”

Which plants should you go to? Grass-growing grasses, such as the Schizachyrium scoparium, are ideal. “If you have sandy soil, you can go to the beach plant community. Suitable plants include Asclepias tuberosa, a member of the daisy family, which has beautiful orange blossoms and is a wonderful source of nectar.

“If you have medium soil, you can go to Monarda (Bergamot). We have strong Monarda citriodora and punctata. Rudbeckia Hirata Classic has a dark center and golden foliage, and we have Corpsis, Mountain Main and Pentemon Digital.

“You can also throw the echinacea into the mixture. In general, Echinacea Palida or Lavivita are very happy in the priming systems, and go straight into the field mix. Baptism (false Indogo) should also work well.

Pinch seeds or plants? “Many of our grasses are planted directly in the ground. If you do that, you will find very strong plants where only the strong will survive. I recommend that people try to sow directly. Quickly mix your grass seeds with colonized flowering plants such as Rudbeckia.

When should you sow? “Sow in late summer and September – it’s best to grow a little before the season ends. If you have many pigeons, cover the seeds with garden wool. When sowing flowers, sow the grass at the same time. You can mix them with a little silver sand, not only to prolong the seed, but also to see where you planted it. ”

He says you have to grow some in the fall, but you don’t have to do anything, especially next spring, and in the colder months. be patient!

How should your completed small farm look? “It changes from time to time. Remember, young people are different from mature fields, ”says Ekin. “When he was young, Rudbeckia seemed dominant, but with many shapes and colors, he became more and more complex. You have a tendency to dominate gold, but the key is to keep adding plants to your plant, so those early plants will disappear, and those you choose to add over time, such as echinacea, baptism and litris, will change the color palette and get more texture than grass. ”

How do you take care of them? It may seem cruel, but after the Aikin Mini-Premier has been established for many years, prepare your pruning to the highest point in the summer and harvest the entire area. In this way, the grasses will take root and remove the annual weeds, and keep the sunlight coming into the soil.

“You have created a plant community that can take the stress of cutting and you need to collect the pieces. You also harvest flowers. It’s a bit of a contradiction, but you have to consider whether you want to create a truly stable environment in the long run. ”

Once the foundation layer is in place, you may want to fill the mini-primer with colorful permanent plugs.

Can you create a flat space in the pot? “Yes, but consider the physical shape and plants that support each other. Do you want something longer, or does it grow sideways or form a mound? Or you may want to consider three things that grow together in the wild and that are especially beautiful in a design setting, ”says Aikin.

The tallest plant in our fields will be deer grass, which can grow up to 3 feet[3 m]but you may want to consider a more compact version. Then you can find an eucalyptus or lead stone, which is delicious in a pot, along with a piece of grass.

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