Gathering your own seeds is one of the greatest joys of gardening

We are entering the seed season. It is time to think about collecting some. There are a few vegetables that will save your food or flowers.

Note: This is not a call to stop purchasing from popular suppliers. They need your help now more than ever. With the exception of Brexit, many key locks will close markets that have grown over the years.

No matter how much I save, it doesn’t matter how much seed I buy. I don’t have much immunity for a fun pack or more. This column is just a call to keep your eyes on the right plant. And sometimes to make some of your crops live longer.

An overcooked beetle or shark is a beauty that you will miss if it is just about eating. It is similar to leaving Chicorin sharp. Enjoy Metamophosphate. Long, amazing flowers. Probably my favorite blue.

A word of caution – we have been growing peas and tags ildkongen for 10 years and it may be too long without renewal. Trademark ildkongen Pure red flower swells yellow and streaks. Still beautiful, of course. But this year I missed the deep dark red that came back from Signe Voltaire with a new collection at

It is very difficult to produce peas – it was a gift from a bass friend in Bilbao. Next year, we will give them another trip to make sure that the guest is not in the growing season. But we will try to find another source.

Be careful, but it can easily get out of hand. Kala has bags of popcorn, nasturtium and calendula. More than she needed for the rest of her life. So she prepares pac packages for her gardening friend. The simple rule of thumb is to save. But sharing is also good.

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