Genius garden tools that make it very easy to care for your yard

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Taking care of your garden can require a lot of time and sweat equity investment. While all of that effort is worthwhile, there are still some unwanted parts to creating the look of your dreams. For example, you may not enjoy spending an hour (extra) mowing the lawn, watering your plants, or getting rid of annoying pests. Thanks to some good technology, there are a few garden tools that will take care of your most demanding gardening units.

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Robotic mower

Finally, you can enjoy your weekend with beautiful weather and make memories with your friends or family instead of mowing the lawn. This wireless robot mower can take up to half a hectare of land with a high-powered engine. Additionally, you can control your bed without leaving the Landroid app. A buyer who rated the machine as a perfect 5-star rating said: One day and a couple took the problem areas in my yard to put it all together. I say the price is expensive. “

Buy it: WORX Wireless Robot Maker ($ 1,400, Amazon)

Smart tube pipe counter

Get rid of weeds and other vegetation with this smart timer. The device analyzes conditions, including slope, soil type, sun, shade, and both historical and direct weather forecasts to adjust the amount of irrigation for your outdoor plants. It has a built-in meter that allows you to monitor how much water you are using, so you can make sure there is not too much water. All you have to do is create an account with the B-hyve app, install the device between the outlet and the pipe, and set your timer with the app. The single-zone version sells for $ 56, the two-zone option sells for $ 149, and the four-zone version costs $ 225.

Buy it: Orbit Smart Hose Faucet Timer (from $ 56, Amazon)

Smart Spray Controller

Another gadget that helps you water your plants properly is this modern spray control. Depending on your plant type, soil type, sun exposure, and more, create a custom irrigation program for your backyard. The widget comes in two versions, one for up to eight zones and the other for up to 16 zones. To use it, remove your old controller, connect the wires to your new smartphone controller, and complete the installation using the Rachio app. According to Racio’s website, users can save up to 50% of their monthly water bills with this controller.

Buy it: Racio 3 Smart Spray Controller ($ 269, Walmart)

Soil tester

It can be difficult to tell when your pottery needs more water. Jump to: navigation, search It measures your soil moisture in just 72 seconds so you know exactly when you want to water your containers by displaying easy-to-read icons. Uses AA batteries ($ 6, The Home Depot) and is waterproof. You can use a soil moisture tester for outdoor and indoor plants.

Buy it: ECOWITT Soil Moisture Tester ($ 30, Amazon)

Vegetable pollen

Flowering plants are an important part of helping your garden grow, especially when you grow certain vegetables. Grow your crops with this device, which looks like the vibrations of bees and other pollen when you visit flowers. Rechargeable pollen works at five different speeds and can generate 29,000 to 44,000 sonic vibrations per minute. Each purchase comes from pollen, rocking sticks, spoons for collecting pollen, and a storage base. To use, place the stick in the flower and turn on the device. Then, collect the pollen from the fig tree to fertilize other flowers of the same plant.

Buy it: VegiBee Garden Pollinator ($ 51, Home Depot)

Active animal protection

You are not the only one who wants to enjoy your garden. Hungry critics often want to get in the way of your energy. This repulsive and repulsive predator keeps deer, dogs, cats, apes, raccoons, rabbits, and others like animals. The gadget has an infrared sensor that can detect animals up to 60 feet away. When it is activated, the blower releases water to intimidate the unwanted gob itor. A happy buyer gave the product a 5-star rating and said, “The best pest repellent I have ever found. It works well against large pests that continue to invade my property. The money is worth it, and it’s fun. ”

Buy it: Havahart Active Animal Protection and Spray ($ 40, Amazon)

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