Georgia State Botanical Garden to transition to Winter WonderLights

Athens – Starting December 1, the University of Georgia will host the first Winter WonderLights show at the Joy Garden, Candy Ken Lane and Con Tree Plaza, along with other magical features, at the Georgia State Horticultural Garden Half Mile Road. .

Lighted displays delight children and adults every night until January 9th. Alice’s hands-on Calaway gob itor center transforms into a holiday market where guests can buy gifts and souvenirs. Drinks such as cookies, smoothies, bottled water, hot chocolate and coffee are on display.

“Winter WonderLights will be a way for us to connect with people in the state and beyond,” said Jenny Cruz-Sanders, director of the State Botanical Garden. Our focus is on connecting people to places and nature, and we are determined to be leaders in horticulture, horticulture, research and conservation. This new family-friendly outdoor event will provide us with a way to showcase our world-class plants and provide support for our impactful programs. In many ways, it honors our talented staff and hardworking people who take care of this beautiful facility.

The half-mile route takes 45 to 60 minutes to complete and is completely accessible to Ada. Tickets are $ 15 per person, free for children under 3.. Groups of garden friends will receive a 10% discount for groups of 20 or more people. Tickets for the dates and times allotted to visit the show are available for purchase this month at the state Botanical Garden website

The event was hosted by the University of Georgia. Sponsors include Friends of the State Botanical Garden, Trumps Catering, Synovus, Condor Chocolates, Baron Rental Center, Westminster Christian Academy and community members.

Plantation Garden in Atlanta at 2450 S. Milledge Ave. It is located approximately 70 miles from Atlanta. Out-of-site parking and shuttle services are provided on two MGA-owned and controlled lots from South Milege Avenue.

Georgia’s Botanical Garden, UGA Public Service and Accessibility Department, is one of the state’s most valuable resources. With 313 hectares of natural habitat and planted gardens, the State Botanical Garden offers unique experiences for nature lovers. The garden offers Alice H. Richard’s Children’s Garden and eight unique gardens, including more than 5 miles of trails in the important bird sanctuary of Audubon. Throughout the year, the garden hosts educational programs for all ages, including camps, classes, workshops, concerts, and festivals. Facilities in the garden will feature art exhibitions and annual talks, including the Porcelain and Jewelry Museum at the Center for the Arts and Nature.

The park is the headquarters of the Georgia Plant Conservation Union, which is dedicated to the protection of more than 50 institutions, agencies and organizations in the field of ecological management, domestic conservation and occasional and endangered plants.

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