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Pine Needle Lodge and Golf Club could be a good opportunity for the final set for the United States Women’s Open Championship. Located in South Pine, North Carolina, the club has an unusual place in women’s golf history.

Owned by 1953, the property is owned by the Bell family, Mattara, Famar World Golf Hall Peggy Kirk BellAt the age of 95, before her death in 2016, she played golf, coaching and defense for more than 60 years.

Golf Course a Donald Ross Design updates beginning in 1927 John fought In 2004 and Kyle Franz 2016

Pine Needles has hosted three women’s vacancies in the past and will soon be the first club to host a fourth. The 77th Championship will be held from June 2 to 5.

B David Frechte, Preparing for a big event is all about day work. My title is Fruit Course Repair and Field Director. He has been on pine needles since March 1992 and has no desire to move. They also control two other golf courses, including Straight Mid Pine and South Pine. Frukte, who learned the lesson from Erdu, said the work was in line with his character.

“All three golf courses are family-friendly,” he said. “Bell’s family and another investor own all three properties. The main thing is that I respond to the family, so I do not have a new Greenwich chairman every two or three years. I have no committees on my back or anything like that. So the pressure on me is mostly internal. I’m sure I have to do my job to make sure the golf course is right for the visitors, but it turned out to be very good for me.

Like his peers, Frute has seen improvements in his work over the years, especially in the field of technology.

“The biggest thing will be the humidity meter,” he says. “We used to put a knife in the grass and we knew how wet we were. Now, they post a measure of moisture in the ground. It gives you a good idea of ​​what moisture is and allows you to get the moisture you need.

“The expectations of golfers have increased over the years,” he said. “Harvesting tools are much better. You can now cut as much as you can with triplex mowers and foot mowers.

Pine needles are one of the busiest high-end golf courses in the United States, with around 40,000 rounds a year. The T-sheet fills most of the year.

“We had two seasons when I started here: spring and autumn,” says Frechte. “We didn’t have much summer in terms of the game and we didn’t have much winter. But now that has changed dramatically. We work about 10 months a year.

Pine Needle won the Fourth Women’s Open in 2018. Preparations for the championship began two years ago. In 1996, 2001 and 2007, as well as three other USGA Women’s Championships, Frute was on hand for the club’s recently opened 2019 Women’s Senior Women’s Championship. He is no stranger to big events. But in preparation for this year’s championship, he saw that he was doing something different.

“After two years, we stopped sowing oxen,” he said. “Over the years, we’ve always had bullshit on our fields and on our toes.

Fruchte Most of the texture has been removed. As a result, the golf course looks a bit different from previous USGA champions.

Betsey Mitchell, USGA

“In the old women’s vacancies, we always had a rough texture,” he said. “Fair roads are 30 yards wide and rough on both sides. Now, we have moved to more equitable roads in the indigenous areas, so we have a little bit of roughness. “Our only texture is in the soil.”

Chris MintmierHe is the Superintendent of Golf Course on Pine Needles. An NC State University graduate, he started working in mid-pins in 2012 and moved to a pin needle two years later. Since 2019, he has been the superintendent there.

Mintmir: The biggest agricultural issue he is dealing with is getting the Bermudagras green to the Championship speed. Depending on the size of the game at the club and the need for the game to move, the daily speeds on the pine needles are around 10 centimeters. The speed for the US Women’s Open will increase.

“Green speeds will be much faster than we normally would,” Mintmier says. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. I think they are not crazy, they just made us lower the height of the fair around green, t-shirts and stuff.

The most important factor affecting my fringe and minimalist events is the lack of energy or actually lack of energy. As of this writing, Fruitte has fewer than 40 people in charge of three golf courses. Mintmier sailors with only 11 pine needles, including himself.

“We had 28 people working on pine needles,” Mintmier said. “We used to have three assistants and a superhero, and now I have myself and a helper and other guys. That’s enough.”

Having fewer employees means setting priorities and leaving out some details. Mintmir: “We can cut greens and take care of bakeries and take care of all the basics, but they are all details. Picking up the pinnacles and the edges of the cart, all the little things, to be honest, golfers may not know, but all the little things you can do without a body are hard to do.

Mintmir says the size of the game makes it more difficult to complete routine repairs.

He added: “It’s very difficult for us, because we all need to prepare the place in the morning and finish the game in the afternoon. With so much golf (120 to 130 rounds per day is not uncommon) it sometimes feels pointless. The amount of golf that goes on here is unrealistic. ”

Frukte and his team will receive support from their peers from other regional clubs during Championship Week. Fruchte recognizes that it is one of the most satisfying ways to host a big event.

“I used to have supervisors,” he says. “For the past few years, there have been environmental stewards and they have come together with their assistants and staff.”

In part because the staff is smaller than usual for the main championship, the Pine Needle Management is thinking ahead of time about closing the golf course. “Which, of course, is the best golf course for healing? Make sure all entries are in place so that no one is late for the repair. ይሆናል It will be bigger with my current sailors. We do not have that many people.

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