Geraldine Brooks on Horse Heart and More Programs in June

The Smithsonian Associates will present “Geraldine Brooks in Horse-hearted Novelist Matter” on June 27 and online at the Smithsonian S. Dylon Ripli Center.
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Wednesday, June 1

Smithsonian Knits: The War Years: In this studio arts workshop, dive deep into creating and blending six embroidered items from the Smithsonian collection and discover the popular fashions and amazing stories they represent. 6 ፡ 30 30 ET ET $ 20- $ 30

How to Travel Again ፡ 2.0 ተጨማሪ More up-to-date expert advice The epidemic continues to boost the travel industry – and everyone’s plans to leave. To help travelers, Washington Post Travel writer Andrea Sachs; Polline From, Editor-in-Chief of Fremmer Manuals; And a State Department representative will provide you with a guide to this new and sometimes confusing landscape and relax on your long journey while maintaining safe, healthy and well-informed information. 6:45 PM ET $ 20- $ 25

Thursday, June 2

Destinations Cities Santa Fe Fé Santa Santa Fe offers something for everyone, especially for travelers interested in the arts, health, history and outdoor adventures. PBS TV host Darley Newman shares some tips to get the most out of your visit and shows you some of the area’s hidden gems that you can see. 7pm Ethiopia $ 25- $ 30

Mysterious City of Washington The Secret History of Homosexuality Washington For decades, homosexual harassment has plagued Washington. The source of their personal embarrassment, James Kirchic, describes individuals who boldly made decisions for the sake of public pride. 7pm in Ethiopia for $ 20-25

Saturday, June 4

Introduction to Pastes Introduced by Sesan Due to the brightness and color scheme of the Haptet Garden, brilliant artists chose to work with a bright pastel medium. A 4-week weekend studio arts course at AED. Working in the open air to create beautiful and subtle effects of natural colors and the interaction of light and shadow with Sesame. Participants in the Smithsonian World Art History Certificate will receive 1/2 credit. 10 AM ET $ 245- $ 265

Learn how to make your clothes last longer by using a lot of durable fiber experiences with continuous closet closet and daring cleaning. They are part of a new way of life that embraces a “renewed” economy, not an extension. Think of this 2-week weekend lesson as a step in the right direction for our world and future generations. The second session will be held on Saturday, June 11 at 1:30 pm ET ET 85- $ 105.

Monday, June 6

Dangerous music, written by the most famous composers — including Mozart, Beethoven, and Stravinsky — has become the target of anger and censorship. Teacher and concert pianist Rachel Franklin once observed controversial music and the turmoil, scandals, and controversies of his day. 6 ፡ 30 30 ET ET $ 30- $ 35

Tuesday, June 7

Mr. Rogers’ Presence in Preserving Humanity in the Digital Age Mr. Rogers neighborhood Over 33 years. Steven M. Emmanuel of Virginia Wesleyan University explores how Rogers was able to create a personal presence that reflects care, compassion, and in-person television — and has learned lessons for today. 6:45 PM ET $ 20- $ 25

Wednesday, June 8

Dragons and amphibians Join in a closer look at the spectacular view of the world of herpes zoster, or herpes zoster. Otherwise, these reptiles and amphibians are often more fun than you think. 7pm Ethiopia $ 25- $ 30

Thursday, June 9

Breakfast American History Taste Poetry – The American Brewery Initiative at the National Museum of American History Teresa Makula presents American beer development by tracing artifacts from the Smithsonian collection and exploring four breweries. History from the 1700s to the present. 7pm in Ethiopia for $ 20-25

Tuesday, June 14

Immunization History: Although humans have been using them for more than two hundred years, access to effective vaccines has not been straightforward. Medical historian Howard Markell describes the history of immunization and immunization from the late 18th century onwards and how long-term solutions to current problems in vaccine research, production and supply. 6:45 PM ET $ 20- $ 25

Enjoy the summer breeze at the Philadelphia Flower Show during the 2022 outdoor edition of the Philadelphia Flower Show during the full day visit. This year’s theme is On a whole flower, It explores the restorative and healing power of nature and plants. Discover gardens at the pinnacle of seasonal perfection and beauty. 9 AM ET $ 155- $ 205

nothing else

Hosted by Betty Johnson, Assistant to the Herskhorn Museum on June 15, One with eternityYayoi Kusaman and his exhibition discussed the artist’s extensive life and practice.

Infinity Room — My Heart Is Dancing to the Universe, 2018 at Yayoi Kusama (Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC)

Wednesday, June 15

Yayoi Kusama presented a record of the “exhibition” of Hershhorn in the 2017 Exhibition of the Smithsonian Herskhorn Museum and Sculpture. Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors, Featuring stunning polka dots and spelling views by the Japanese artist. The museum is now open. One with Eternal Pioneering Yayoi Kusama at Herschehorn Collection, Which featured new purchases at Kusama, including two famous Infinity Mirror Rooms. Participants in the Smithsonian World Art History Certificate will receive 1/2 credit. 6:45 PM ET $ 20- $ 25

Thursday, June 16

Judy Garland’s 100th Birthday Celebration Her decades of stardom and struggle with alcohol and drug abuse, many definitions and career changes, but Judy Garland is one of the translators of American pop song. American musician Robert White explores the highlights of her life through clips in her films and television series. 6 ፡ 30 30 ET ET $ 30- $ 35

It’s a great day to join Gourmet Ireland’s Flu Bloomsday food historian Franንois Sagan on Irish cooking. She delivers her talk from Chamorro to Leperchauns and Limericks – and she enjoys some interesting tips on traveling to Ireland to taste for yourself. 6 ፡ 30 30 ET ET 20- $ 25

Charlie Young SJMO, the artistic director of the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra, highlighted the contributions of some of the leading women in the online talk-on-concert presentation of women at the Jazz Women’s Concert venue. 7pm in Ethiopia for $ 20-25

Wednesday, June 22nd

Female astronomers reach out to star: For most of the 20th century, the gates of opportunity were closed to women in astronomy, but after decades of intense struggle, they were closer to equality than ever before. Virginia Trimble, co-author of the new anthropology The sky is the limit He joins two of the book’s contributors to discuss the stories of strong and determined women who made a turning point in astronomy. 6:45 PM ET $ 20- $ 25

nothing else

On June 23, Orchid Expert Barb Schmidt will lead a virtual tour of Longwood Gardens and the newly opened Orchid House for Smithsonian collaborators.

Davis Harold Hank

Thursday, June 23

A closer look at the Longwood Garden Gardens’s ፡’s’s a useful center for horticultural science’s ጉብኝ’s’s the most important’s’s’s the best’s’s’s the best’s’s the best’s’s the best’s’s the best’s’s the best’s’s the best’s 12 PM ET $ 25- $ 30

Monday, June 27

Geraldine Brooks The winner of the novel Novelist Pulsezer Award Winner at the Heart of a Horse Geraldine Brooks talks about her new novel.HorseWisdom and science explores the link between humans and animals, the history of racial and ethnic injustice. This program will be held at the National Museum of India in the United States of America and will be broadcast live. 6:45 PM ET $ 20- $ 25

Tuesday, June 28

A Los Angeles-based megalopolis reporter, historian, historian, architect and architect Bill Keane explores the development that has shaped Los Angeles as a magnet for human migration and a major industrial center since the 1930s. 8 PM ET $ 25- $ 30

Thursday, June 30

The Challenges and Successes of the Smithsonian Writers 175 Years of Challenge Smithsonian historian Pamela Henson focuses on the five leaders who left their mark on the world, from Joseph Henry, the institute’s first director, to Loni G. Booch III, current and first African-American author. 7pm in Ethiopia for $ 20-25

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