Get rid of these tricky, outdated landscape design ‘trends’

Ditch These tactics, outdated landscapes & trends & image for the designated text.

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We will soon advise you that certain types of landscaping can help (or hurt). The selling price of your home. (Stay away from fig trees! Avoid invasive species! Don’t plant too many trees!) But another way to increase the value of your home – or at least eliminate or eliminate the appeal Outdated Landscaping. Things like all the once furious gardens and stone carvings are now as prominent as your ruler and your neighbors, your grandparents plus carpet.

Here are some landscape trends that are outdated and need to be put to bed.

Say goodbye to the boxwood shrubs

Today’s homeowners want a landscape that is easy to manage and appeals, scale and feature. Bokwood bushes give nothing. These shrubs were popular in England and made their way North America in the 1600s. They give a consistent look to your garden, but they are also easily susceptible to disease, and need to be trimmed Keeping their shape is stressful.

Homebuyers want to see it More In this day and age the house of the house, so consider planting small plants or Annual years Front and large bushes in the corner of the house.

Replace those garden statues and springs

Landscaping has continued to improve, and now, less crowded and more open space is in style. Unfortunately, certain garden patterns, such as statues and The sides do not fit modern landscape designs. Think of them as a backyard, and let the plants speak for themselves.

Another immature garden statue is a three-tiered fountain. These giant sculptures were all around him a thousand years, And although everyone loves a little water feature, these are especially outdated, they ask Regular cleaning, And often need maintenance. You’d better go with A Bubble It has a simple construction and is easy to maintain.

Remove the giant rock

Stone gardens They are a popular way to save on water and landscaping efforts. However, the giant random stone is behind us. as such Garden, etc.. “Hard-to-reach landscapes are bad for biodiversity and are not the smartest way to use expensive outdoor space,” he says. Therefore, So Many difficult situations can cause the yard to be neglected and unworkable.

Instead? Press a Rain garden. When saving water, a variety of plants become an interesting focal point.

Choose natural options with colored glue

It is a practical way to grow your yard. The ground cover protects moisture, helps shade the soil, and provides nutrients for plant life. The color and design can improve the appeal of your home. Unfortunately, the colorful woods 1960s, Is now an outdated eye disease –And They sometimes They contain harmful contaminants.

Instead, b Natural mud, Comes in black colors that can give you that contrast you want.


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