Girl Scouts Improve Garden, Draw Wall Paintings on Road to Gold Awards / • Currently

From left, Clara Rosemarin and Annie Dowgeti recently won the Golden Scouts. (Photo by Diane Dougriti)

By Katherine Hur

Carmel High School students Anne Dougreti and Clara Rosemarin recently won the Girl Scout of the Highest – Gold Award.

The award is given to scouts who have completed 100 hours of personal work.

“This (reward) is for me – my own commitment.

“We are all determined to do it ourselves, so it’s a great personal achievement,” Rosemerine said.

Carmel High School seniors, who have been with Tropp 1243 since the first grade, were honored at the Indianapolis Zoo with letters from Governor Eric Holcom, Chairman Susan Crunch and NASA.

Clearing the way

The Doghetti project took place in a 100% volunteer organic garden behind Carmel High School.

“The road is overgrown with weeds, and they can’t put chemicals on the ground because it’s organic,” she said.

After meeting with a major gardener and soil specialist, she devised an efficient, organic and sustainable way to prevent weed growth.

She had to weed out the weeds before she could start the field.

“If you cultivate yeast, it will be cut into about 1,000 different types of amaranth,” she said.

She put on perishable cardboard and put it on a piece of wood.

He is sustainable and working, so I think I helped him (the garden committee) find a better solution.

Paint the word

The idea of ​​the Rosemary project originated when the wing connected the old preschool and the Methodist church.

“They had to tear down a lot of walls to do that,” he said, noting that the recent murals had been removed in the process.

“Walk around the building, and these were just huge empty walls,” she said.

She has worked with the Director of the Ministry of Children to paint four new murals to make the look more appealing to visitors and children.

Using the book’s artistic style from the preschool Bible study curriculum, she designed it digitally and had it approved by staff and preschool teachers.

With the help of volunteers, she painted four different Bible accounts, including the ark of Noah and the garden of Eden.

In addition, she created an interactive spreadsheet with historical explanations, questions, and fraudulent hunters. She wants to show pre-school children that “art should not be boring.” It may have a history behind it. ”

Dowherti and Rosemary want to continue spreading their influence next year. Dougheti wants to work for the National Association, and Rosemary is encouraging her younger sister to follow in her footsteps.

“If you want to get a job, you have benefits,” says Dowetti. “You will learn a lot.”

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