Glennie gardeners open a butterfly garden

Glenvid gardeners on August 17 officially opened their butterfly garden in Groveville, Glenn. They took advantage of the occasion to celebrate their 30th anniversary as a club with special cookies decorated with flowers and butterflies.

The butterfly garden is on the other side of the fence that encloses the cannibal garden. Last year, when Grove cut down local shrubs, the idea of ​​a butterfly garden was invented. Glenvin’s gardeners sought funding for the project and received a great response from neighbors on NextDoor, as well as gifts from the Louvre Garden and Wis Ace hardware.

The members then set out to clean up the area, work the soil, and find suitable vegetation. Planting took place in early summer, and the plants were planted in August.

The inscription reads: “Pollen Suitable Garden – This butterfly garden has been donated to by the Glenville Garden, Lurvey Garden, Wis Ace Hardware and Glevin Neighbors.

About 304 plants were planted in the butterfly garden. They include marsh milk and butterfly weeds that host Monarch butterfly. Parsell, Dewich, Fellow, and the usual Ruwa host the Swallow butterfly. Honeycombs for butterflies include confetti, ammonia, flax, salvia, golden rhododendron, yarrow, Columbine, and corpuscles.

The club was founded 30 years ago to appeal to homeowners who love to post in the garden with the late Leo Cronin and the late Mort Oren. Both men are excited to see how it is growing today.

More information about the club and upcoming meetings is available at


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