Global Bioplastics & Biopolymer Market Situation 2021-2026: Europe Projected to Be Largest in 2021 –

Dublin:Business Wire) – “The market for bioplastic and biopolymer in type (non-biodegradable, biodegradable), consumer use industry (packaging, consumer goods, automotive and transportation, textile, agriculture and horticulture), regional-global forecast until 2026” Report added’s Presenting.

The global bioplastic and biopolymer market is projected to grow by 22.7% CAGR between 2021 and 2026 from $ 10.7 billion in 2021 to $ 29.7 billion in 2021.

In emerging economies, rapid population growth and rapid demand for industries are expected to provide significant growth opportunities for plastics and biopolymer manufacturers.

Packaging plays a major role in the value of bioplastic and biopolymer markets, followed by textiles and consumer goods. Strict environmental laws, especially in emerging economies such as China, India, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and South Africa, are major reasons for the growth of the bioplastic and biopolymer markets. To alleviate environmental and economic issues, food and beverage producers are shifting to bioplastic and biopolymer. Increased fuel prices and the use of fossil fuels to produce conventional plastics have led manufacturers to convert to bioplastics and biopolymers. In many regions, particularly Europe and North America, strict government regulations have forced them to reduce their carbon footprint, which has increased demand for bio-based products in the packaging industry.

PLA is the most commonly used type of bioplastic and biopolymer. It is made of renewable resources; It is perishable and so perishable. It is found in corn starch (in the United States and Canada), tapioka roots, chips or starch (mostly in Asia), or sugar cane (in Roai). PLA is a versatile material that provides excellent barrier properties, non-toxic nature, and is in excellent PLA standards in applications for PS (polystyrene), PP (polypropylene), and ABS.

Europe is projected to be the largest market for bioplastic and biopolymer by 2021. Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the United Kingdom are major markets in the European bioplastic and biopolymer markets. A.D. By 2020, Germany was the largest market for bioplastic and biopolymer in Europe. Demand for bioplastic and biopolymer is growing in the country due to growing environmental concerns and strict regulations on the use of petroleum-based plastics.

The report provides insights into the bioplastic and biopolymer market in major regions. The forecast period aims to estimate the size of the bioplastic and biopolymer markets and will focus on the future growth of the market in different segments, depending on the type, end use industry and region. The report includes in-depth competitive analysis of key players in the bioplastic and biopolymer market, along with company profiles, MNM views, recent developments and key marketing strategies.

Covered Topics:

1 Introduction

2 research method

3 Executive Summary

4 Premium insights

5 Market Overview

6 Bioplastics and Biopolymer Market, by Type

7 Bioplastics & Biopolymer Market, Ultimate Usage Industry

8 Bioplastics and Biopolymers, by Region

9 Competitive landscape

10 Company Profiles

  • Agrana

  • Acro-plastic

  • Archema

  • Basef

  • Biome bioplastics

  • Biotech

  • Braskam

  • Carbolis

  • Cardio bioplastics

  • Fkur Kunststoff

  • Futterro

  • Green dot bioplastic

  • Eternity

  • Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation

  • Works of nature

  • Novamont

  • Plant technologies

  • PTT MCC Biochem

  • Susceptibility

  • Cinnamon Technology

  • Tian Biological Materials

  • Torah Industries

  • Total Corion

  • United Biopolymers

  • Zhejiang Hissu Biometric Materials

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