Global Hydroponics Industry by 2027 – Signaling, Village Farms and Argument Control Systems with Others – Research

Dublin:Business Wire) – “Hydroponics Market, Global Forecast, COVID-19 Impact, Industry Trends by Type, Input, Crop, Region and Opportunity Company Overview, Revenue”’s Presenting.

According to this report, the world hydroponics market By 2027, it is projected to reach $ 19.08 billion. The global hydroponics industry will grow by 9.21% CAGR by 2020-2027.

Hydroponics plays an important role in changing the way people think about plant growth and future gardening. Hydroponic farming has become a new trend in the agricultural sector, especially in terms of food demand and limited resources. Simply growing fresh vegetables and fruits in water instead of soil requires less space and resources. Globally, state-of-the-art techniques, soilless farms pose a high risk of pest and insect infestation in controlled climates.

According to the World Economic Forum, the world’s population is expected to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050, which is 60 percent more than it is today. The growing demand for specialty vegetables, such as tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, leafy greens, and so on, is driving the global hydroponics market. In addition, the growing awareness among consumers about eating fresh vegetables is expected to stimulate the market in the future. Demand for foreign vegetables such as tomatoes and red lettuce and retail chains such as Burger King and KFC is expected to boost sales during the forecast period.

North America and Europe account for the largest market in the world. Factors such as Europe have traditionally been at the forefront of hydroponic innovative greenhouse gardening techniques. Countries such as France, the Netherlands, and Spain have vast areas under greenhouse development. Increasing demand for hydroponics in the United States and increasing demand for food and higher production than traditional agricultural methods that drive the hydroponics industry. In addition, the consumption of foreign vegetables is increasing the value of the US hydroponics market.

It is important to understand the importance of adequate nutrition to boost the immune system, improve health, and reduce the risk and impact of the virus. Having a strong and resilient immune system is a must for hydroponic farming. Therefore, after the outbreak of the epidemic, it must contribute to the development of taste, knowledge and awareness, and to the development of hydroponics for a sustainable global diet.

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Covered Topics:

1 Introduction

2. Research & Method

3. Executive Summary

4. Market volatility

4.1 Development drivers

4.2 Key Challenges

5. Global Hydroponics Market

6. Market share analysis

6.1 by type

6.2 Input

6.3 By crops

6.4 In Technology

6.5 by region

7. Type – Global Hydroponics Market

7.1 Total

7.2 Liquid

8. Input – Global Hydroponics Market

8.1 Ingredients

8.2 Development medium

9. Crops – Global Hydroponics Market

9.1 Vegetables

9.2 Plants

9.3 Fruits

9.4 Others

10. Technology – Global Hydroponics Market

10.1 Leading development lights

10.2 HVC

10.3 Irrigation system

10.4 Ventilation system

11. Region – Global Hydroponics Market

11.1 North America

11.2 Europe

11.3 Asia Pacific

11.4 South America

11.5 Middle East and Africa

12. Company Analysis

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