GMDA wants to use more recycled water on bldg sites Gurgaon News – Indian Times

Guragegra Grumgram Metropolitan Development Authority has decided to press developers to recycle wastewater on construction sites in the city. Less than 4 percent of recycled water is currently used on construction sites, which means that the industry already has a small share of clean water.
Five STPs generate 223 MLD (megaters per day) of recycled water in the city. Of this, only 103 MDLs are used in the horticulture, irrigation, textile industry and construction industries, according to GMDA officials. Meanwhile, despite the administrative supply of sewage treatment by more than 1,000 km of water per day to industries, only 8 MLD of recycled water will be used for construction.
Developers and builders can get water from STPs but instead they are extracting groundwater through pipelines, according to a GMA official.
“We have an online payment system for people to come in, pay for and get water from the water tanks set up in the STPs. Moreover, people do not even have to go to the STPs because there are pipelines, and we can set up drains wherever needed,” said an unnamed GMA official. They said. “But instead of using this water supply, developers and builders are digging the ground and pumping water out of pipelines. So there is a daily waste of clean water.”
The issue was raised earlier this month at a meeting chaired by Secretary-General of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Participants at the meeting pointed out that the use of recycled waste in construction may be part of the requirements a builder must meet to obtain an OCC.
Documents may be made showing how much water is used in construction and how much recycled waste is derived from GMDA STPs. We can confirm this, and the OCA can come out accordingly, ”said a GMA official.
The authority also said it could enforce compliance with the Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) or the Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC).
“We are trying to remind builders and industry professionals to use treated wastewater instead of clean water. We are recycling water at a very high cost but it is not being used,” said Sudhir Rajapal, CEO of GDA.


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