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GreenTech Live & Online will take place September 28-30. Greentech Exhibitions presents innovations for the Greentech Innovation Award 2021. Professional judges selected 6 candidates from all entries in 2 categories: “Innovation” and “Concept”. The winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 28, 2021.

For the first time since the crisis hit the world, the horticultural industry will meet face-to-face in RAI Amsterdam. Now is the time to resume personal relationships. Those who are unable to travel to Amsterdam can participate online through the virtual platform.

Innovation Awards nominees and entries can be viewed during the exhibition.

Lisselote de Veris (Chair of Innovation Award, To Delft Agtech Institute) explains why the judge chose the following candidates: ‚ÄúThis year’s offerings were so versatile and innovative. The judge tried to distinguish between exciting advances in existing technologies, innovations in proven business matters, and new concepts. Those last two submissions were nominated for a Creative and Concept Award.

Candidates in one category
Category Creativity
– Van Eperen, Green Switch Original
– Weather Horti Systems, Villa (Container Tissue Culture Laboratory)
– Biota Nutri BV, Biota Nutri Calculator

Category concept
– Corvis drones, Corvis drones
– Radder, Radder Coroner
– Van der N Group, Nitrate Recovery

Please see https://www.greentech.nl/live- for a detailed list of all Innovation Award entries.And online / creative-Products /.
And the candidates on the website: https://www.greentech.nl/live-And Online (Creative-Prize)Numerals /.

The Greentech Innovation Award 2021 judges include the following
Chairman – Lisselote de Veris, Institute of Delta Agtech (Netherlands)
Silk Heming, University of Wageningen and Research (Germany)
Peter Zwinkels, Technocas (Netherlands)
Mark Durno, Rockstart (United Kingdom)
Perry van Adrihem, Horticultural Tech (Netherlands)
Wolfgang Steiner, Gemesseba Steiner JimH and Co KG (Germany)

The Judicial Advisory Committee includes the following
Brian Sparks, Greenhouse Manufacturer (USA)
Leonardo Capitano, Viva Capitano (Italy)
Enrico Verhoff, General Greenhouse Service (Mexico)
Henry Dress, Hymarket (Germany)

More information and registration
Looking for Greentech live and online? Please visit https://www.greentech.nl/live-And online / For more information and to register.

Greentech Live and Online 2021
Greentech Live and Online will be held from Tuesday, September 28 – Thursday, September 30, 2021. Greentech Amsterdam, Full Body Shape Tuesday 14 – Thursday 16 June 2022 The exhibition is an international venue for all horticulturalists. Greentech is supported by the AVAG for the Greenhouse Technology Industry Association in the Netherlands.
For more information on the Greentech website or follow Greentech on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube.

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