Go for the Greentech and Innovation Awards 2021

Will it ever happen again? Is it possible to organize an exhibition in the Netherlands? Can people receive a RAI in Amsterdam again? Yes, says Greentech. Announcing the nominees for the Greentech Innovation Award, they are showing their readiness for the Greentech live and online from September 28 to 30, 2021.

“For the first time since the epidemic hit the world, the horticultural industry will meet face-to-face in front of RAI Amsterdam. Now is the time to start a personal conflict, ”says Mariska Dreschler with Greentech. Those who are unable to travel to Amsterdam can participate online through the virtual platform.

International meeting place
The show has become a hot topic in the gardening industry. The exhibition is an international event for all gardeners and technologists. It is possible for many visitors to come to Europe; But do they? This uncertainty also made the exhibitions doubtful. However, it seems that the organizers can now rely on the integrity of their exhibitions. According to a recent survey, while most AVAG members feel more confident about the 2022 event, no exhibition will be held, meaning that about 100 companies will be available in person at Greentech and online in 2021.

Only PB-Tec recently decided to cancel the application. Due to the limited number of visitors and the number of participating companies, it is not economically possible for us to participate in the fair, said Coyen Brabander, Director of Trade. In 2022 we will be there again, that has already been decided.

International Gardening Event
Other exhibitions will be available in person at the end of next month in Amsterdam or in the form of international exhibitions. Because they are loyal to the sector, showcasing their innovations, and also to Greentech and international gardening events.

“We welcome all to return to the Netherlands,” said Wouter Kuiper, general manager of KUBO. “Whether it is possible or not is a key question. Traveling is tricky for everyone and every country has its own rules. Everything changes with a hat drop. But if it does, we will be there. Communication is Basic for Everyone ”

They see it the same way in Crete. Concerned about the number of international visitors this year, sales manager Richard van der Sandy thinks: “When it comes to exhibition quality, Greentech is on the upside.” “Everyone has worked hard over the last few years. That’s good. If this situation continues, the adjustments that need to be made could hurt.

European tourists
Greentech understands their comments and reports that visitors from more than 85 countries are currently registering for the event. “Only time will tell if you can come to the show in person, but we are sure that many people from Europe, as well as some visitors from the United States and Canada, will join us,” said Mariska. What we have seen at Green Tech America is that people are ready to regroup and meet as soon as possible.

Richard van der Sandy (Sirton), Water Cooper (Cube), Koen Brabander (PB Tech), Pian Stats (Oreon) and Patrick van Wagt (Royal Breckman)

Mixed responses
Last year’s event, which was 100% online, gave different responses. A recent study, including Greentech, shows that the network is more effective at physical display than digital. However, it is concluded that there are opportunities to combine physical performances with digital themes. They can “support one another.” Such a hybrid concept is also targeted by Greentech – the show is a platform for networking and knowledge sharing, both in person and online.

Greentech is supported by the AVAG for the Greenhouse Technology Industry Association in the Netherlands. He recently collected comments for members of this hybrid edition, many of them at the Greentech Exhibition. Based on these comments, they advised the trade show organization. AVAG Communications Expert Lindy Van der Draft said it was ultimately up to the trade show to decide whether or not to continue the trade fair. In general, we always want to continue to attend such events. After all, such a trade show should represent the quality of the sector.

The latter point is highlighted by exhibitions and at the same time is sensitive – the exhibition should also be representative of the sector. One of the responses to the survey stated: “It is not because we can afford it, but because it is reasonable.”

Representative event
With all the measures in place, can you organize an international event where the Dutch sector can stand on its own two feet? According to the relevant measures, standard construction and food supply were selected to organize the event. In part because of this, Royal Brenman decided not to participate. Patrick van Vot, Marketing Manager: “Covid is still so big that we don’t expect to see big foreign visitors coming to Amsterdam. The Greentech feature in September, the choice of regular stops only, does not belong to Royal Binkman. Mind. In this form, we do not think we will get the best out of trade shows. As our foreign customers are allowed to travel again, we will definitely be participating again in Greenstone Amsterdam 2022.

Orion, a regular participant from the beginning, knows this too. “We are backward about our involvement in the mixed Greenschk,” said Pian Stams. The number of international visitors made us decide to skip this year for one reason or another. A.D. In 2022 we will be there again as an exhibition. ”

Greentech live and online
Before that, Green Tech Live & Online 2021 is on the agenda. “The show is really different from what we are used to,” said Mariska Dreshler with Green Tech. We will be back next year with Green Tech Amsterdam to organize Green Tech Live and Online this year. ” The number of visitors may be less than usual. We look at it as a solid version of Greentech – there is a core component of the industry. There are market leaders and creators on our exhibition list. In answer to their questions, we re-established a fruit and vegetable platform that the market can be proud of. As RAI we are ready to organize a safe and welcoming event.

The physical and digital exhibition will provide flooring for participants, as well as an extensive digital and physical knowledge program. Includes talks on vision and crop optimization. During the two-day program, there will be discussions on trends and developments, strategic and visionary leaders. And of course there are talks on crop optimization: how to get the best crop. This includes all the information that Greentech is known for and that major manufacturers need.

Innovation Awards
And, of course, a variety of awards are offered for innovations and new concepts. The candidates were announced yesterday. Non-Covide has continued to work at full speed. Let’s take a look at them!

Greentech Exhibitions presents innovations for the Greentech Innovation Award 2021. Professional judges selected 6 candidates from all entries in 2 categories: “Innovation” and “Concept”. The winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 28, 2021.

Innovation Awards nominees and entries can be viewed during the exhibition.

Lisselote de Veris (Chair of Innovation Award, To Delft Agtech Institute) explains why the judge chose the following candidates: “This year’s offerings were so versatile and innovative. The judge tried to distinguish between exciting advances in existing technologies, innovations in proven business matters, and new concepts. Those last two submissions were nominated for a Creative and Concept Award.

Candidates in one category
Category Creativity
– Van Eperen, Green Switch Original
– Weather Horti Systems, Villa (Container Tissue Culture Laboratory)
– Biota Nutri BV, Biota Nutri Calculator

Category concept
– Corvis drones, Corvis drones
– Radder, Radder Coroner
– Van der N Group, Nitrate Recovery

Please see www.greentech.nl/live-and-online/innovative-products/ for a detailed list of all Innovation Award entries.
And the candidates on the website: www.greentech.nl/live-and-online/innovation-award/nominees/

The Greentech Innovation Award 2021 judges include the following
Chairman – Lisselote de Veris, Institute of Delta Agtech (Netherlands)
Silk Heming, University of Wageningen and Research (Germany)
Peter Zwinkels, Technocas (Netherlands)
Mark Durno, Rockstart (United Kingdom)
Perry van Adrihem, Horticultural Tech (Netherlands)
Wolfgang Steiner, Gemesseba Steiner JimH and Co KG (Germany)

The Judicial Advisory Committee includes the following
Brian Sparks, Greenhouse Manufacturer (USA)
Leonardo Capitano, Viva Capitano (Italy)
Enrico Verhoff, General Greenhouse Service (Mexico)
Henry Dress, Hymarket (Germany)

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