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Meditating on our favorite walks, we often think horizontally – perhaps a leg around Lake Swan or the Rite Bog, or a simple walk on the waterfront or on the Colquitz Creek.

But when you are feeling the slightest challenge, now is the time to think straight!

“These trails are a great option for walking in the gym, on the tracks or on the sidewalks,” said Park Parfat, the park’s coordinator. . “Do these and enjoy them as quickly as you can!”

2018-03-01 Cedar Hill Golf Course Trail:

With a height of approximately 80 meters and a lot of ups and downs, this is a popular 3.5-mile walk for runners and runners in the Doncaster / Blancsop / Finnison area. A good choice for all fitness levels, with a mix of chips and gravel on the trail floor, people who want a short walk can take the middle course trail and cut the distance in half.

This trail is easily accessible by bus or bicycle and you will find bathrooms, cafes and other facilities at Cedar Hill Recreation Center. Don’t miss the Art Drum Art Department near Finnison Road.

The ingenuity of nature Notes Stop by the Kings Pond – how many ducks can you identify? Along the way, park rangers remove invasive plants and look for areas where local plants can be planted.


One of the highest peaks in the city, at an altitude of 120 feet[120 m]offers a 360-degree city view of the top of Tolmi Mountain.

2. Ordinary Tolly Park

One of the highest peaks in the city, at an altitude of about 120 feet[120 m]Mount Tolmi offers moderate and challenging terrain along both roads and highways. But if you choose to go, the top prize will be a full 360 degree city view!

For a well-maintained trail, or for more adventure, enter King Parkry Road from Gordon Main Street to Gordon Main Park (and look to the left of Kingsberry Pond). Easily accessible by bus and bicycle, you can also access the UVic alumni trail on Gordon Ras / Cedar Hill Crossroads.

• Natural Intelligence Notes Mount Ptolemy offers one of Sanich’s largest cart oak habitats, and be sure to check out the spring wildflower display. For many years, park rangers have worked hard to protect the carts of oak plains.


3. Grant Park:

At 130 meters, this is a challenging climb on a mountain road, but it is a great alternative to the hiking trails that runners and hikers do.

Enter the trail at Clockova Bay near McMinn Park, along the oxide road / beach, and follow a steep, steep descent. As a bonus, it’s mostly shady, so it’s a good mid-day option on a hot day, and the trail also crosses four paths — perfect for relaxation and some high-altitude views.

Natural Intelligence Note; Enjoy the cool shade of many Douglas fruits along the way.


4. Douglas Park Mountain

Walk to Churchill Driveway (closed to traffic daily until noon) or Douglas Highway to reach a height of approximately 225 feet[225 m].

Choose another popular destination for hills, and easy access by bus or bike, from a variety of entry points and marked paths as beginners, intermediate and advanced.

• Natural Intelligence Note – Before you enjoy the 360-degree view of the San Francisco and Sanich Peninsula, take a walk on the beach and climb through different areas. You can run to one of the park’s ambassadors, who has a lot of knowledge about interests, including trails, accommodation, and history.


At an altitude of 70 meters, enjoy the well-established and accessible hiking trails at Layritz Park for all levels of experience.

At an altitude of 70 meters, enjoy the well-established and accessible hiking trails at Layritz Park for all levels of experience.

5. Layritz Park – Observer:

Enjoy well-established and accessible hiking trails up to 70 meters high, suitable for all levels of experience. To raise the bar, check out the hill near the spectator – insert this section near the entrance to the main PISE building (at the dome building) on ​​the Camson College Interban Campus.

Accessed by bus or bicycle, the trails at Layritz are also connected to the Colkitz River Trail, Fast Lower Park, and the Pacific Garden Center. Littleitz Park also has the only disc golf course in the region for public use!

• Natural Intelligence Notes Flora highlights include Garry oaks and Douglas firs.


Many of Saanic’s favorite trails explore some of the district’s most dangerous places, so it’s important to follow the “see no trail” principle.

“Parks staff keep the trail happy for everyone,” Scott notes. Stay on the streets, avoid plants and species – protect the area – the picture is much taller than the selected flower – and follow the instructions on the sign.

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