Good news! Small tea growers and horticulturists can now reap the benefits of Prime Minister Kisan Yojana

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Good news for small tea growers and gardeners in India. They can now enjoy the benefits of Pradesh Manti Kisan Sammanman Nidi Yojana, commonly known as the PM-KISAN program.

According to the latest reports, the Pig Cabinet meeting on Wednesday (July 21, 2021) decided to qualify for the annual Pata (Exxonta Pata), Tuji Pata, farmers’ land, small tea growers, horticulturists and farmers. The Forest Rights Act will be eligible for benefits from Prime Minister Kisan Sammanman Nidi Yojana.

In Lock Saba, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said the government should return 2,992.75 million rubles from July 15 to no more than 42 million registered users of the central program. Of this, 554.01 million rubles, the highest in pigs, is 8.35 lakh.

Many of you already know that pork is the largest tea producer in the country and accounts for 52% of Indian tea. About 49% of the tea produced in the state comes from green tea leaves. All Pig Small Tea Growers Association (AASTGA) estimates the number of small-scale farmers in pigs at 1.3 lakh, out of a total of 2.5 million across India.

Prime Minister Kisan 8Th Installation details

The center paid more than Rs. From 8,000 to 19,000 to 90 million farmersTh Prime Minister’s Pocket Payments May 14, 2021. So far, the government has paid around Rs. 1.15 million kroner.

Who is eligible for Q.

Talking about who is eligible for the PM’s budget, According to the Prime Minister-Kisan program, a beneficiary must be a “farmer’s family with land, husband and wife, and land to be cultivated according to land records.” Non-farmers are automatically evicted.

Who is not eligible for PM’s pocket?

Now come to him who is not worthy of the PM’s pocket; People who pay income tax or are over-retired. 10,000 after retirementm government service; Former and current ministers; According to exclusion guidelines, professionals and institutional landowners are not eligible for the Prime Minister-funded program.

If you want to apply for Prime Minister Kisan Yojana, then visit the official website –

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