Good news! The Haryana government provides 50% subsidy for the development of horticultural crops

Good news for farmers as the Haryana government provides subsidies for the development of horticultural crops

The government is working to make farmers more confident and double their incomes. To this end, the central and regional governments are implementing various programs at all levels. Among these plans is a national fruit and vegetable mission. According to this scheme up to 50% subsidy It is being provided by the Harena government for planting by the farmers Orchards, flowers, and vegetables.

Haryana government’s plan for horticulture

The Haryana government is trying to plant more shrubs so that the farmers can feel confident and improve the environment. The regional government is subsidizing 50 percent of the subsidized farmers National Garden Development Mission. The Haryana government believes that in order to increase the income of the farmers, farmers should start adopting modern farming.

Cultivation of fruits and vegetables requires low cost and labor and still provides better returns. That is why he wants the Hariyana government to take horticultural crops for profit.

Until recently, farmers grew cotton, barley, wheat, mustard, etc., which did not earn a living. As a result, farmers are embracing modern farming instead of traditional farming.

Subsidies on various crops;

The government is providing financial support to farmers interested in horticulture. Upon completion of the prescribed procedure, a 50 percent subsidy will be provided to the farmer.

The government subsidized rates per hectare for the following crops are as follows.


Subsidy per hectare


11502 rubles and 15495 rubles


15900 rubles


15000 rubles


12000 rubles

How to apply for a subsidy?

Farmers who are willing to use this subsidy program can contact the district’s horticultural office. Farmers who have planted orchards can apply for subsidies in the 2021 Integrated Horticulture Development Mission. Remember that farmers should bring their child support accounts approved by the National Horticulture Board.

Subsidy for the installation of drip irrigation system

Irrigation is done by a system of dripping vegetables and fruits by most farmers. The farmers had to spend a lot of money. But now, 100% Subsidies are being given to the farmer Johohu, Badra area For a drop system. There is a plan to give out 85% subsidy in Bond and Dadry Room. Farmers who drop drops in these areas should only carry GST.

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