Gordon Strike Team Building Proposal for ARP

Gov. Mark Gordon continues to lead planning efforts on how to invest in Wyoming in the future. Public participation and planning will continue as the ruling strike team develops recommendations on how to best use state funds under the Federal Rescue Plan (RP).

The governor has previously stated his commitment to a sound, purposeful, transparent and strategic approach to ARP financing.

The regime’s plan to “survive, drive, and prosper” was published in June, identifying three areas of focus.

  • Health and Social Services
  • Education and manpower
  • Economic Diversity and Economic Development

In each area, Governor Gordon directed members of the strike team to focus on solutions to the identified challenges identified in a survey sent to stakeholders earlier this year.

This process involves developing initiatives or new programs that are considered by the legislature. Unlike previous federal grants, the state has more than five years to withdraw ARP funds.

Strikes are also involving stakeholders in developing issues related to labor development, education, child care, food insecurity, health care, wildlife conservation, and government efficiency.

The Governor’s Office today (September 9) at 4:00 PM will provide up-to-date information on the Rap spending plan to the Legislative Council’s Joint Appointment Committee.

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