Government Gordon orders flags on half staff

Gov. Mark Gordon ordered both the United States and Wyoming flags to fly half of the state under President Joe Biden’s decree, which will take effect immediately.

This should be done in honor of US service members and other victims of the August 26 terrorist attack in Cuba, Afghanistan.

Flags should remain low until sunset on August 30.

The presidential decree is as follows:

A sign of respect for members of the US Service and others

Killed on August 26, 2021 in a terrorist attack
In Kabul, Afghanistan, the authority given to me
President of the United States in the Constitution and in the Laws
I ordered the United States to order the flag
The United States flies with half the crew
The White House and all public buildings and lands, never
Military posts and naval bases, and on all naval vessels
Federal Government in the District of Columbia and
Throughout the United States and the state and and its property.
Until sunset, August 30, 2021. I will lead that flag
At the same time, half of the crew flies
US embassies, donations, consulates and more
Overseas facilities, including all military equipment and navy
Ships and stations.
As a witness, I put my hand on this
August 26, the year of our Lord
Two thousand and twenty-one, and from “freedom”
United States Two hundred and forty-five.

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