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By Rex Mishisa

He said the government has launched a number of rural-based projects that are expected to accelerate programs aimed at transforming the country into a middle-class economy.

The Minister of Lands and Agriculture, Masuka, said on Friday that he was visiting several projects in rural areas and farms in the southern part of the country.

According to Masuka, some of the projects that will lead the country to Vision 2030 success include gardening, fishing, small livestock and village nutrition, all of which are designed to boost the livelihoods of rural families in terms of food security.

He said the government will provide one million breeding goats to start the goat program.

Masuka also said the government would drill 35,000 wells in 35,000 villages and settlements in the country. He said the plan is expected to start with each family in horticulture and other agricultural activities.

We want to touch every village and every family and intervene in animal husbandry, especially by developing small stocks that can withstand new climate change; There is Masuka.

We are paying DDF (District Development Fund) and 30 Zina (Zimbabwe National Water Authority) for 30 drilling rigs in all woredas. Community Nutrition We prepare gardens. Our goal is 6,000 wells a year.

The purpose of all these projects is to achieve this goal. It will be in line with the presidential plan to make the country a middle-income economy by 2030. Families get small orchards and the government provides oranges, avocados and mango seedlings — 10 varieties each.

We are also working to improve the quality of the animals and provide one million breeding goats to the Goat-Goat program. He said the goats are of the highest quality from South Africa.

Masuka encouraged farmers to grow climate-tolerant crops and protect their climate-resistant livestock.

Some of the projects Massuka visited included South African-based businessman Erasmus Marema, the Zoo Hee Dam, High Peak Farm, world-renowned Bishop Citrus Estate and the Shipwright Bitebridge Juice Plant in Bethbridge, and the Matabeland Dams and farms.

“Rural gardening should be an economic driver for young farmers to join. We ask business farmers to understand that vision. ”

Among the high-ranking officials accompanying Masuka were Deputy Interior Minister Ruth Mavhungu Maboi (Beitbridge West Parliament) and Albert Nguluve (Beitbridge East Parliament).

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