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At the graduation ceremony of Government Polytechnic Doang on Friday. (M images)

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Waka, May 27 (EMN) For the relief of students wishing to attend technical courses, the foundation stone of the government Polytechnic Doang Walkha (GPDW) was inaugurated last Friday, more than a decade ago.

The new Polytechnic Institute, established in March 2021 under the Higher and Technical Education Department and affiliated with SCTE, was founded in 2008 before the foundation stone was laid in 2008.

The institute was inaugurated on May 27 in the presence of Minister of Higher Education and Ethnic Affairs Temgen Imna Along and Technical Education and Election Adviser Medo Yekaka in the presence of Border Affairs and Horticulture Consultant Mahatung Yantan and other officials.

Speaking at the event, Yantan lamented the delay and called on the administration and all stakeholders to work to cover the land that has been lost for more than a decade. He urged the concerned department to provide immediate assistance as the institute is at a stage where infants are lacking in basic facilities and inadequate infrastructure.

He said the Polytechnic Institute is located next to the main body of water in Doang, so the department should come up with specific measures and guidelines for safety and health.

Explaining the availability of fruits and vegetables in the district, he said that if the department can introduce food technology education in the next academic session in addition to architecture, it could help people in the food industry.

Meanwhile, students from different districts are invited to use the first technical institute in Doyang. He also urged the residents of neighboring villages to have a sense of ownership.

Land ownership and development

Imna Along says land ownership is one of the main problems in Nagaland. He called on the people to break free from selfish thinking.

While Yantan persevered and showed personal interest in the Polytechnic in Doang, he said students from different districts could come to study near one of the state’s most beautiful landscapes.

He urged the people to send their children to the institute, saying that architecture is a work-oriented education. He also informed the faculty of teaching to provide quality education to students.

Speaking at the event, Yokah said education should not be a one-way street and expressed hope that the Polytechnic Institute would grow with a qualified educator. He said the people have faith and patience, adding that the institute will be able to offer various courses in the near future in addition to its architecture diploma.

He said the government is always ready to bring development and change in the region and called on the people to support it.

He expressed hope that the institute would become a center for technical education, urging the public not to play the game of chance due to the delay and to move forward.

4.3 kroner for infrastructure

The Technical Education and Choice Advisor has improved the INR 4.3 crore used to purchase research materials, laboratories and other requirements to provide technical education at the institute.

In response to a request from the Pangti Village Council to change the name of the institute from government polytechnic doyang to state polytechnic pangti, the request was forwarded to the formal protocol and forwarded to DPDB.

Speaking on reconstruction and development activities, Prime Minister Nephiu Rio called on the people to stop trusting in his leadership as he has taken various development programs out of interest. He also praised Mantung for his vision.

It is to be noted that the Government Polytechnic Doing will offer a three-year diploma course in architecture in 15 academic years, approved by the Indian Architecture Council, beginning this academic year (beginning July 2022).

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