Governor Rajindra Vishwanat Arlekar visits regional garden research and training center

Governor Rajindra Vishwanat Arlekar today visited the regional gardening research and training center in Shimla Craigno (Mashobra). At the time, the governor said the station was an important institution for research at Dr. ES Parmar University’s Horticulture and Forestry University. It was being done on different versions of Apple, which is commendable. Scientists are working to develop high-yielding apple varieties at the institute. He said the center is playing a key role in technology research and transfer in tropical agriculture. “I am pleased that fruit growers are benefiting from research on this variety, especially in the apple growing areas. I want future research on high-density, high-yield and disease-resistant apple plants to take a new dimension to Apple’s economy, ”said Shirley Arlekar. Expressing satisfaction to Apple at the Great Jibplas Center. He said the transfer of 276 species, 79 species of pearls and 46 varieties of cherries from laboratory to land should be focused on trainers ‘trainings, farmers’ trainings, field visits, field demonstrations and so on.

Shri Arlekar visited the display apple farm at the site and thanked the authorities for the good apple crop in the garden. He also commended the officials and staff of the institute for the proper maintenance of the institute by inspecting the laboratories. He also visited the apple orchards set up under Subhash Palkar’s natural farm. The variety of flowers produced at the site was also shown to the buyer. He praised the ongoing initiatives and research activities at the center. The governor planted seedlings of the Himalayan Hyperium on the site. Earlier, Deputy Chancellor Dr. Parvinder Cowsal welcomed the Governor and briefed him on academic, research and extension work. Power point presentation at the University of Vegetation and Fruit. He said the station played an important role in naming Himalal as the “Indian state of India” and that fruit growers relied on the site’s recommendations and other consulting services in their daily fruit production. . Pankaj Gupta, Assistant Director of the Regional Horticultural Research and Training Center, briefed him on various activities and research activities being carried out at various centers. The event was attended by Rainder Sharma, director of research, scientists and other researchers.


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