Grantentia, a leading provider of scientific and biological solutions for agriculture and horticulture, celebrates the grand opening of its new Colorado headquarters in the Lowland Centra area.

Loveveland, Colorado, May 20, 2022 (Globe News) – Grocentia®, a Colorado-based biological agtech company, today opened its new corporate headquarters in Centra – Loveland, using science-based soil enrichment solutions under the Mazoo production line. , Colorado

“We are proud to be a home to North Colorado and we look forward to expanding natural resources in this region. This new state-of-the-art facility will enable us to anticipate future growth, increase the complexity and diversity of our product lines, and expand our R&D initiative to serve our national and international clients and truly transform the world. It will grow. ”

Today’s grand opening ceremony was founded by the company’s founders, Dr. Matthew Wallenstein, Colin Bell and Richard Conte, and other Colorado executives, as well as Loveland Mayor Jackie March and Kelly Jones and Loveland Department of Economic Development Jack Hill. The 123,000-square-foot Centra Commercial Building was built by McWhinney, of which 30,000 square feet. Broker partners Mike Eyer and Julius Tabert from CBRE and Mike Jenson of Fort Collins Real Estate and Robert Olson Law Firm Dorsey & Whitney, LLP assisted in the lease. Ware Malcolm served as Macwini’s project architect and general contractor for the Golden Triangle Construction. Moving from Fort Collins, the new headquarters in Loveland is located in the Centra Industrial District at 4545 Viking Way – covering all aspects of the company’s operations: management, administration, production and research and development.

“We are delighted to be part of our growing partnership with Growcentia and welcome to the Centra community,” said Claude Wood, vice president of Macwini business development in North Colorado. “Our state-of-the-art industrial building, with competitive lease rates, is well suited to their broad business needs.”

The 30,000-square-foot facility is located in the Centra Industrial District, located in the McWhinney 3,000-acre master-planned community and has two R&D laboratories, two microbiological fermentation pools, a mixed production pool, an indoor plant testing and testing station. 28-foot clearance warehouse, and ship capacity with four loading docks and office space.

Mike Jensen Owner and Broker “Representing Business Owners in Northern Colorado Fort Collins Real Estate. “Loveland is at the forefront of technology innovation, and Grossentia will make a significant contribution to the region’s continued economic growth.”

Growcentia is based on developing biological solutions for all types of growers. The company’s founders, who have successfully launched their scientific endeavors as soil microbiologists at Colorado State University, have successfully researched the unique microbiota compounds with soil nutrients to produce healthy plants and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and reduce the environmental and ecological impact on farms. Their research led to a patent, and in 2015, following the M34 Capital seed investment cycle, the founders licensed Colorado State University Ventures and began operating Grossenia.

For more than seven years, Grossentia has had success with growers around the world. Biological Agtech Tech entered the US home and vegetable market last year, a collection of products at, throughout the US and at the company’s e-commerce site Visit for more information on Growcentia.

About Growcentia®
Grossenia is a Colorado-based biological agtech company that uses natural science to develop soil erosion solutions. Based on three PhDs. Grantentia is a leading provider of biological alternatives designed to help plants and their families improve the health of their plants by sharing the love of soil microbiologists with Colorado State University to improve soil and crop health and promote sustainable agriculture. Pesticides. For more information on how Growcentia encourages growers to use natural energy, visit

About McWhinney
Macwini is eager to create great places and provide amazing experiences. Since 1991, Macwini has planned more than 6,000 acres of new and sustainable master-planned communities and more than 12 million square feet of commercial and mixed real estate in the Rocky Mountain region and the West Coast. Over the years, McWinney has been recognized for his contributions to real estate development, winning the City of the Land Industry Institute (ULI) Global Award, along with being named “Colorado’s Best Developer of the Year” by the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NIPO). Advanced Awards, Denver Business Journal (DBJ) Real Estate Championships – Catalistic Award for the Denver Union Station and the Denver Union Station Development Agreement of the Year at NAIOP. Macwini ranks 11th and 13th in the list of the best micro- and medium-sized companies to operate in the United States.

About Centra
Centrera, an award-winning 3,000-acre master-planning community in Lovland, in the heart of North Colorado, is a Macwini development developed in the belief that nature provides the perfect balance for urban planning. Centra integrates as a community to improve all aspects of life, including entertainment, the arts, shopping and dining, business opportunities and medical services. Centra and its businesses offer more than 8,000 part-time and full-time jobs. This unique community is home to North Colorado’s first lifestyle center, with Centrom’s Promenet shops; UCHEalth: Medical Center of the Rockies, state-of-the-art 187 bed LEED Gold Certified Regional Hospital; And the Central Market, one of the largest shopping malls in North Colorado. Centrera is home to the Highland Environmental Protection Center, which covers 483 hectares of wetlands, open spaces and reservoirs in the center, and Chapungu Sculpture Park, a 26-acre park with more than 80 stone sculptures. A.D. In 2018, Centra became the first National Wildlife Federation (NWF) community in Colorado. Named the Colorado Chapter of the Year by the National Association of Industries and Office Properties (NIPO), the Centra aims to create the best places and experiences that can be translated into people. Visit for more information.


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