Grass-fed pests invaded Newton

The Battle of Fall is back! I had a lot of questions about them and as you read this we should be at the end of their eating and harmful cycle. We are here every year, but not so much in the people we see now. The good news is that they rarely kill grass and only feed for a few weeks.

What do they look like? Young worms range in length from 1 to 5 inches. Adults are 1 1/2 inches long. Body color can vary from green to black, but there are light spots along the length of the body. Look for a white Y-shaped “Y” on top of the dark colored head.

Falling worms are tropical insects. As a result, only South Florida and Southern Texas buy enough winter temperatures to ensure adequate living conditions. In fact, the worm’s activities continue in the barren landscape. Of course, fallen army worms also conquer Mexico, Central America, and South America. In uncovered areas, seasonal fall worm activities begin with moths moving from the egg-laying area to their northern regions. Once established, additional generations may occur every 23-25 ​​days. So in Central Texas, there are 7 generations of worms to fall each year, and in Kansas there are 2-4 more, and the first flights are based on entering Kansas.

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