Grass Field and Display Day is September 8th

AMES, Iowa – Turfgrass Managers and Students will receive an update on current affairs and new technology at the Iowa Turfgrass Field and Exhibition Day on September 8th. They will visit Soda, the venue of Iowa State University football field in 2022.

The annual event is a collaborative effort by Iowa State University Extension and Access and the Iowa Turfgrass Institute, which provides participants with learning and engagement with some of the biggest challenges facing their industry.

This year’s program includes presentations on sports grass research, updates on gardening experiments, talks on tree maintenance, landscape pest updates, and other topics related to fertility and grass health.

Speakers Adam Thoms, Assistant Professor of Vegetable Growth and Extension Grass at Iowa State University; Nick Christian, professor of Iowa State Vegetation University; Donald Lewis, Iowa State Professor and Extension Emologist Donald Lewis; And a variety of Iowa graduate research assistants and horticulturists.

Field Day will be held at the Awawa State University Gardening Research Center from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm and there will be opportunities to see new equipment and products.

“Our audience tends to be hand-me-downs and loves to see parades and products in the field,” said Randy Robinson, executive director of the Iowa Institute of Surveillance.

This year’s special is the Sodi project for the Jack Tris Stadium. “We are growing six acres[6 ha]of Kentucky Bluegrass to use the stadium as our next playground,” said Toms. This project will be the first public appearance since we started in April.

If field day is something for them or for their program, or for something like a new herbicide, help managers get a better idea of ​​how it fits into their maintenance program.

Registration must be done online and in advance, but registration is available on site. The registration fee is $ 40 per person, and all registrations include snacks and lunch.

For more information, contact Toms at 515-294-1957 or Robinson is available at 515-635-0306.

Shared photo: Grass field day.

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