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Individuals, municipalities and organizations around Greater Victoria are celebrating the effects of alcohol abuse in their own way.

Mothers Stop Injury is hosting a candlelight vigil at 6:30 p.m. By musician Jill Cooper.

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The SOLID Outreach Society, AVI Health and Community Services and Peers Victoria Resources Association is hosting a 1000-block free barbecue on Pandora Avenue (across the Save-On-Foods store) for 2 to 4 hours.

And if you’ve been out in the community, you’ve probably noticed purple ribbons around town, telephone poles, and street lights. Take a closer look and you will see a photo and a story of someone who died of drug overdose. It is a monument erected by the families of the deceased and a sign of hope.

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Sydney resident Niki Lucas shared Lillon’s story this week with the Black Press. Dustin was 16 years old when he suddenly died of opioid overdose in February 2016. The painting is one of three decorated with purple ribbons in downtown Sydney.

Lucas, a member of Mothers Stop The Harm, said her conscience would not allow August 31 to pass without a date. “We are trying to save your children, it is too late for us,” she said in an interview.

You can read her story here.

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In Victoria, the flag was hoisted halfway through the city hall. It lasts until tomorrow morning and the building will turn purple tonight.

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