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Agri-Business of the Year Award

University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UFS) is a federal-state-county partnership to develop knowledge in agriculture, human and natural resources, and life sciences. And to make that knowledge accessible to maintain and enhance the quality of human life.

The mission of UF / IFAS is nationwide, but this agricultural trade award recognizes the contribution that UF / IFAS has made to our local agricultural community. Hillsborough County is one of the few Florida provinces with all UF / IFAS activities. Education, research and extension.

Plant City is one of the many areas in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) that offers college programs. Students can earn a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida without having to go to Ginsville to work or family. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) in Plant City has programs in agricultural education and communication, food and resource economics, and geometry.

There are two UF / IFAS research institutes in Hillsborough County. At Balm Bay Beach Research and Education Center, Florida will develop knowledge and technology that will enable Florida producers to compete in the national and global economies. The Ruskin-based tropical aquarium laboratory supports the tropical jewelry industry in Florida.

The Hillsborough County Extension Office is one of the largest in Florida. Its 14 Extension Faculty offers educational programs in all major disciplines, including agricultural and natural resources, urban and commercial vegetables, family and consumer science, and 4H youth development. These programs are available to all county residents, businesses and organizations.

Teacher of the Year

Hillsborough County Aug Venture

Fall Ag Venture is a two-week agricultural education program for Hillsborough County third graders on Florida highlands. This hands-on learning experience is designed to teach elementary students about the importance of agriculture and to help them understand and appreciate where their food comes from.

Every day a new group of students rotates between five stations, learning about agriculture, the economy, and agriculture and related industries. This year, the traditional format has been challenged by covide and school safety plans.

Ag Venture team quickly found alternatives – Ag Venture in a box. The idea was to create a virtual learning experience that was created after Ag Venture that teachers knew and loved. As a result, young people have increased their understanding of agriculture and related activities.

They also used technology to learn while completing activities in a safe learning environment. One unique feature of Ag Venture is the mutual knowledge between public and private partners that enhances the learning experience for students.

The group includes Judy Witson, Brandy Yankee, Charles Policeno, Kerry Lefler and Lena Hudson.

Young Agricultural Professional of the Year

Ryan Gill

Ryan is the sixth generation in the farming family. Ryan lives in a small community in Fort Lonsom, rural Hillsborough County, southeast. The family has owned and worked on the same land for more than 100 years. The Gill family lands in Florida have been dubbed the “Century P. Family Farm,” and Ryan has been involved in family work for many generations alongside his family.

They operate commercial calves in a number of counties known as Lonesom G. Ranch, Southern Peach Company, Southern Developers and Earthquake, Inc. , Is a founding member of the Florida Agritry Tour, which hosts a beautiful award-winning wedding and farm tour at the old residence. They are members of the Florida Fellowship Program.

Ryan and his wife, Kylie, are deeply moved when they are blessed with four wonderful children, Eli Justin, Ella J, Cut Doc, and Emma Grace. Ryan currently serves as chairman of the Florida Strawberry Festival bullfighting show, a member of the Hillsboro County Cattle Exhibition Committee, County Cattle Association, and Ryan enjoys working with members of the military HCCA on veteran Turkish hunting on the farm.

Ryan enjoys being a fisherman, a boatman, and a mentor as he trains his son’s baseball team and manages his father’s and son’s Christian camps.

Young supporter in agriculture

Brian Shepherd

Brian is an environmental manager for the Triangle Chemical Co., a supplier to the agricultural community.

He is married to his beloved wife Carrie for 32 years and has three older children, Tyler, Tory, and Alisa (Cunton) Rogers, and one grandson, Ella Grace.

The Brian family has been part of the Plant City community for over 200 years. For more than 38 years, our community has been volunteering and supporting young people in agriculture.

The agricultural and plant city community youth programs have had a positive impact on him, and he feels it is imperative to continue to support these programs in order to influence the future of our community and make a positive impact on our youth.

Brian is currently Associate Director, Chairman of the Pig Committee, Member of the Plant and Management Committee, and a member.

To the festival’s agricultural control committee. It also volunteers its time and availability to help promote and judge FFA and 4H as well as sub-district and district competitions.

2021 Agricultural Professionals of the Year

Ed and Myrtle Lu Swindle

Ed and Myrtle Lu met on a blind date in 1947. He was married in 1950 and has two sons, four grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. They both grew up in farming families and continue to be involved in agriculture and carpentry. Ed was in the military during the Korean War, when fraudsters did not live in the plant city. They were always active in their church, Dover’s first Baptist

One of their most valuable contributions was Ed serving on the board of the Florida FAA. The relentless efforts of fundraising, donations, and villas to support the leadership training center will have a profound impact not only on FAA students today but also on their future.

The swindlers were supporters of the Florida Strawberry Festival. They supported the construction of one of Ben Pavion’s livestock farms by purchasing livestock and donating the money. This will be a lasting sign of commitment to the youth and the agricultural industry in our community.

The swindlers were active and important members of the South Florida Baptist Hospital Foundation, which continues to build the Swindle Diagnostic Center and in many ways support the Foundation.

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