Growing a garden in the Bronx

You can find a community garden hidden in apartment buildings in the Bronx Belmont room.

For decades, Karen Washington, a farmer, has been helping to turn private and public vacancies in New York into community gardens.

“We believe that this garden was one of the 15,000 empty lots in New Jersey in the 1970s, and people came together to transform it into a community garden,” said Karen Washington.

The garden produces peppers, tomatoes, Mexican herbs, eggs, and many other fresh produce.

The garden is part of a larger urban gardening project aimed at enabling low-income communities to produce new produce. Washington helps to identify local families to learn how to grow their own food. Some produce ends up in the urban farm market.

There has been a growing interest in Washington since the outbreak began.

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“The best remedy was to eat a healthy diet,” said Washington

The community garden in the Bronx is also growing locally sourced sorghum peppers. Another Bronx-based company that makes fresh soup is paired with a small ax.

Washington says it is a way to raise money for vegetable supplies.

“We wanted to start it in the Bronx, so the idea was to grow Serano Chili and we would pay for Serano Chili and turn them into fresh Bronx soup,” says Washington.

Growing sweet produce is one more thing, but Washington also teaches young people about the importance of green space in urban areas.

“We always say these are the city’s lungs, but as we move forward, we want these areas to be preserved for future generations,” Washington said.

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