Gudhu and Bethlehem Academy beat the football payers

The Goodhue Wildcats were held to a 20-14 win over Pine Island in the opening season for both teams in Pine Island. The Cardinals of Faribault Bethlehem Academy won 8-0 in a physical game on the road in Leicester Prery.

In the Pine Island game, both teams were ranked in the Minnesota High School Soccer Choice during the preseason. Goodhue # 16 in Class AA. Pine Island # 17 in Class AAA.

The Wild Cats took a 14-0 lead after taking control of the first half. The Panthers made some good adjustments in the second half, but they weren’t able to get a good team.

Gudu scored in 4:01 in the first quarter with Malaki Parker 24 yards percussion. Parker crashed into a wild cat’s opening drive when it looked as if they were going down the field after scoring on the 28th.

Pine Island retaliated with its own 15-yard line. Gudu grabbed them and found the ball in the 47-yard line on Pine Island. A couple will later play for the jungle 5’10 180 Junior to the final zone for the first time of the season.

At 6:47, Gudu scored again. During this quarterly relationship, Junior Will Opsahl scored 53 yards with his teammate Adam Poncelat.

The wild cats showed a lot of aggression and were well killed in the first half.

Pin Island had chances in the first half. One series started on the Goodhue 40-yard line, the other on the 38-yard line and both ended in Wildcat interceptions.

Dylan Schaefer, 5’6, 145 አ seniors and Tyson Christensen, 6’1 170 170 seniors.

Pine Island came down in the second half to get the ball, scoring from quarterback Cini Nick Grande to senior receiver Matthew Horky in a 21-yard pass.

In the second half, Gudu started on the first of Pinnacle’s 47-yard line in the second half after a strong run on the kick-off.

As a result, I did not see who hit him and no one was with me in the press.

Grande scored a 3-yard touchdown run in the third quarter to reach Pine Island in 56.3 seconds. Panthers senior Samuel Johnson steals both extra points.

Goodwill Bryden Kreisler connected for two more points.

Pin Island will travel to Zimbrota-Mazepa on Friday, September 10, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

Goodhu will host Louisston-Altura on Friday, September 10, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

The Cardinals of Bethlehem Academy had a bus ride home from Leicester Prery.

The Bulldogs were in the top 11 at for # 11 for high school football.

The only result came in the 20 yards, led by Brady Stroudman at 4:37. Aden ran to convert Toby into two points.

There is not much damage in this strong nose football game. Leicester Pretoria finished the night with a total of 133 meters, making Bethlehem Academy 124.

The Cardinals’ fourth-place finisher, Eliot Villand, had 38 yards and one interception.

Leicester’s predecessor Nicholas Guigmos was 78 yards out of 4 for 14 yards.

The BAA was 86 yards faster than the Bulldogs 55 yards.

Strodtman had 20 yards for 61 yards and Tobin 10 yards for 30 yards. Tanner Scheevel led the 80-yard bulldozer on 21 carriers.

Jack Bockman led the Cardinals with 3 catches for 38 yards.

BA’s defense was excellent.

The Cardinals had 12 first downs, Bulldogs 6.

Strodman led the defense with 9.5 points, 2 losses, 1 bag.

Bethlehem Academy will host Highfield on Friday, September 10, 2021 at 7:00 pm on KDHL Radio, 920 AM, 97.9 FM and the KDHL app worldwide. Randy Sobrak will be on the call.

Leicester Prery will travel to Blooming Prery on Friday, September 10, 2021 for a 7:00 pm game.

Other Thursday night results include local –

  • Maple River 35 Jackson County Central 8
  • Shakope 45 Anoka 7
  • Sibili East 39 Belle Plan 0
  • Cleveland 41 Wabasha: From Log 0
  • Rosemont 47 Egan 7
  • Eden Prery 46 East Ridge 0
  • Lakeville North 21 East View Apple Valley 0
  • Farmington 35 Burnsville 12
  • Lakeville South 50 Cottage Grove Park 14
  • Previous Lake 49 Hopkins 0
  • Mancato West 61 Rochester John Marshall 0
  • Louisston-Altura 41 Zumbrota-Mazepa 0
  • Pipstone Area 43 LeSueur-Henderson 0

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