Harper Adams University begins with vertical field experiments

Harper Adams University has partnered with Vertically Urban, a fruit and vegetable lighting company, to explore direct agricultural technology.

As part of the Defra-backed project, the Shrocheshire-based facility is providing state-of-the-art equipment for commercial and academic crop development experiments at the Jan Jackson Glass and Research Center. A.D. Built in 2016, the glass is made of polycarbonate rather than glass, which allows for better heat transfer, making it more energy efficient. The height of the structure results in better heat dissipation.

During pregnancy, the university experimented with different LED lighting systems to determine how plants grow differently under different lighting conditions. Since then, a reconstruction glass unit has been added to the facility to establish several final year research projects and business projects.

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The latest development is a new Diffara-supported project that combines a variety of protein salads with a variety of conditions. The purpose is to look at the path from nursery to plant and the various lighting effects. This young man builds on simple research by absorbing plants and seeing if they can produce plants in light.

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The UK-based Vertically Urban LED is recommended for office lighting. CEO Andrew Liter said: “Vertical farming is key to the next generation of farmers, and it is great to see such a trend in one of the UK’s top educational institutions. We worked closely with our research team. We are pleased to support the list of popular products, and to help. ”

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