Harris Tater Mary Grie-Merrell presents a list of high spring flowers

A.D. After moving here in 2014, Mary Gary-Merrell left her mark: beautiful flower arrangements – around New Bern.

She moved from Wilmington to work for Harris Tater and immediately became a florist as a store manager, adding beauty to homes and events.

Part of her work has made her a trusted expert on flowers – cut, grown and prepared.

For years she has been decorating the Heart Ball Executive Team for the Heart Association, New Bern Women’s Club Holly and Ivy Home Visit, Spring Home Tour, Ghostwalk, Hope Journey and many other local fundraisers. Organizations.

She is active in parades and lectures in local gardens and women’s clubs.

“My love for flowers came from my immigrant Italian grandfather,” she says. “He was a beloved gardener. Every yard in Queens Village (New York) was planted with fruit trees, vegetables and beautiful flowers.”

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