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Chicago, IL -Hazel Technologies, Inc. , USAID-funded technology company announces launch of its first virtual avocado quality conference with new solutions to extend shelf life, increase sales and fight food waste. An hour-long event will be held on Friday, August 27thTh And features keynote speakers from the industry, discussing avocado trends and quality research throughout the supply chain.

The event will begin with a data analysis presentation by 210 Anne Marie Royrink and will be followed by an industrial vision panel led by Pat Flynn, co-founder and Haz Technologies CMO. Panelists Disney Morales, WP Production Vice President and CEO of Tropical Fruit Box, Dick McKelog, MCK Product Consulting Inc. Foods, Inc. The panel will be followed by a presentation on avocado post-harvest practices by Dr. Steven Sargent, Professor and Associate Chair of Horticultural Studies at the University of Florida. Guba summit closes with post-production solution discussions with Hazel Technologies, Mario Servantes.

“Avocados are a prime example of how they are distributed in areas such as election knowledge, home ripening and new consumption opportunities,” said Anne Marie Royring, founder and principal of 210 Analytics. A.D. Performance and future opportunities in the first half of 2021.

MKK Product Consultant Inc. We hear insights beyond the supply chain.

“When working in the agricultural industry, it is useless to listen to the views of farmers, retailers and food service representatives,” said Hazel Technologies co-founder and CEO.® As we build our technologies, we want to meet the needs of the entire product supply chain. At the conference, we will explore key issues to maintain the quality of post-harvest avocados, reduce waste, and increase sales.

“This forum is a great opportunity to share research on the best practices of post-harvest quality of avocados,” said Dr. Steven Sargent, Professor and Associate Chair of Horticultural Studies at the University of Florida. Proven advances in avocado and post-harvest technology.

Avocado quality conference mit free event. Registration is open to the general industry until August 27thTh Or until it reaches capacity.

To learn more about the event and to register, visit bit.ly/avocadoqualitysummit2021


About Hazel Technologies, Inc.

Hazel Technologies is a USDA-sponsored startup company that develops new solutions to extend shelf life and reduce food waste. A.D. Established in 2015, Hazel Tech® serves more than 150 of the world’s largest fresh produce packaging, shipping and retail. The company’s innovative technologies have been tested in advanced educational research programs for the 2020 World Food Innovation Awards. A.D. By 2020, hazel tech products will be used with more than 2 3.2 billion in fresh produce, preventing more than 0 270 million from being wasted.

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About 210 analyzes

210 Analysis, LLC provides unique research and marketing strategies in food retail. Working closely with retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, manufacturers and trade unions, 210 analytics provides an in-depth look at the dynamics of consumer, buyer and food retail business. Its consumer-oriented studies often provide in-depth insights and solutions as a catalyst for industry growth. Contact Anne-Marie Royrinink on LinkedIn for frequent industry updates.

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About WP product

A.D. Founded in 1984, WP Productions is a family-owned, multi-regional manufacturer, packaging and delivery of fresh, tropical fruits and roots. WP Produce has been a pioneer in the hot avocado market since 1992 and is now the largest importer and distributor of Dominican tropical avocados worldwide. In farms and partnerships with farmers in Florida and the Dominican Republic, WP Produce offers a wide range of tropical products and root vegetables under Desbry®. Visit wpproduce.com to learn more.

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About MCK Produce Consulting Inc.

A.D. Founded in August 2020 by industrial veteran Richard McKelog, MCK Productions Consulting Inc. Provides new product industry insights and training to companies looking to develop strategic initiatives and increase sales across the United States.

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Baldor Specialty Foods, Inc. It specializes in fresh, organic, local and exotic food. Baldor serves local farms and businesses in the northeast for restaurants, retail, wholesale and more.

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