“He could have been killed” – a tree descending into the garden

In the middle of the night, a large oak tree fell in the garden, destroying her summer home, and she said, “Son F, they could have been killed.”

Cutler Place, Colhill, 44-year-old Marra Cheese, told the council several times about the condition of the trees behind her garden and said she should be held accountable for her home insurance losses.

She says: “On a few occasions, we fell into pieces of wood, and six years ago a limb fell into the house.

“My husband has been telling them about the house for a long time.

“At 4:00 am on Monday, I heard this terrible noise, the loudest noise to date.

The tree went into the summer house and we lost electricity. It covered our entire garden.

“The children were shocked, I was completely devastated. I shouted, maybe people thought he had been killed.

Marra stated that she could not hold anyone in her ward until a councilor spoke on the street.

She had no one to visit until Tuesday and was told they would have to pay for their loss.

She added: “It’s very clear that the decay is very rotten.”

“The parish council said that the hurricane was hurting, but there was no hurricane.

“He could have killed us, he could have killed my children. We stayed in the summer house just last month.

“It wasn’t even a branch, it was a 70ft tree that fell.

“They have to inspect all the trees in Churchmoor Copse. Does it take life to destroy the trees before they are properly inspected? They must take some responsibility. ”

Bournemouth Echo: A tree fell in the garden of Mara and Stephen Cheese

“When a tree or a branch falls into a garden, the owners of the tree have a responsibility to clean it up, because they are still the owners of the wood,” said a spokesman for the College of Diocese. The landlord must then claim insurance for their damage.

“If the tree becomes ill or dangerous, the insurance company may want to reimburse the owner.

“In this case, the tree has recently been carefully examined and evaluated. This Tuesday, a surgeon who removed the fallen branch confirmed it to us.

“Before the land was transferred to us, the Dorset Council conducted a tree inspection on this special tree and all the trees near the houses in the Cutlers area, and there were no tree problems during the transfer.

Since then, we have not had any contact with the family involved.

“When we heard about the branch on Monday morning, we met at 9:00 am with our family and hurried to visit the station that morning. On Tuesday morning, we arranged for a tree surgeon and his team to remove the debris.

“We offer our condolences to the homeowner and we realize that such a situation can be very distressing.

All forest farms we own are regularly inspected by experts, and any necessary tree work is carried out in accordance with recommendations.

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