He runs a 5km race and walks for the “Detroit Zoo”

Get ready to “run wild” at the Detroit Zoo.

25th Annual Detroit Animal Association Wild run for the Detroit Zoo It will be held on Sunday, September 12. Proceeds from this annual fundraising event will be used at the Ruth Robbie Glanci Veterinary Complex and the Detroit Zoo and Bell Island Nature Center.

This year’s event, sponsored by Ford Motor Company, features a 5,000-mile race and an unparalleled 1.5 mile walk. Runners walk along the beautiful streets of Huntington Woods and the surrounding area. Travelers follow a great course beyond the spectacular zoo in Detroit.

With music, family entertainment, and free food and drink, the post-race party will be a big thank you to everyone. Participants will receive 5K medals for the top three female and male finalists in each age group. Each Run wild Participants will receive T-shirts, winners’ medals, and a free day at the Detroit Zoo.

If you haven’t been to a Detroit Zoo recently, this is the perfect time! The zoo attracts more than 1.3 million visitors each year, making it the largest paid family attraction in the state. The 125-hectare zoo is home to 2,800 animals.

If you are ready to tie sneakers and run to the Detroit Zoo, you can sign up by clicking here. You can also show your support in Virtual Run!

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