He said the changes in the Burnham Forest would make it more inclusive

Louisville, K .; (WDRB) – It’s something we learned as teenagers, but how often do you really sit down and appreciate your feelings.

To do this, there is a special place in the forest of Burnham. To make it more inclusive, they are rejuvenating their senses.

They often know what to expect when they walk through the Burningham Forest.

“Bernheim is my favorite thing about Bernie,” said Renee Fritt, director of horticulture and sustainable landscaping.

He says they are doing everything they can to make everyone happy.

“Everyone who does this, even though they have some mobility problems or disabilities, has their own unique experience,” says Fritt.

The Kentucky School for the Blind, Families for Effective Autism Treatment and Dreams is collaborating with winging to rejuvenate the sensory garden.

Come in the spring, don’t just look at the flowers.

“All of these plants can rotate, so you may not always see them here,” he said. Like life itself, it is changing and improving.

You can smell the flowers, touch the pieces of wood, and immerse yourself in the sounds.

“We’re getting into a lot of plants with those senses, touch, touch,” Fritt said. We bring our little garden to this wonderful place to eat.

Their hope is to make things a little more inclusive in Burnham.

He opens his eyes, you know, you think you include yourself and then when you start talking to other partners and other organizations that focus and really focus on specific challenges, I can learn more and there is one thing that is greater than the need we have here in Burnham. ” You explained.

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