He saw the Queen’s Garden and said, “I can do it.”

Although the Hamptonites were the most popular during the VV-19 epidemic, it was not necessary to travel to New York City at the east end of New York to rest.

Example: More than 15 acres[15 ha]of coastline in New York, 75 miles from Manhattan (New York) (less than 30 miles from East Hampton). The property, which includes two houses, an 850-foot waterfront and a farm that has been built over the past 25 years, was listed last week with Brenda Jifurta and Douglas Elman Joseph Savio for $ 7.25 million.

The property, known as Kassa Brava and The Lodge on Tuscul Cove, is the long-term residence of business woman Rose Marie Bravo and her husband, William Jackie. Bravo, 70, spent her career in fashion – Sachs Street was the first female president and later led the British brand Burberry, controlling annual sales growth from $ 470 million to $ 1 billion.

The couple traveled to fashion shows around the world as part of Ms. Bravo’s work. Mr. Jackie was inspired to bring long-standing garden designs to Long Island.

“He had the vision and the creativity,” said Bravo. He looked at the queen’s rose garden and said, “I can do it.”

The property now has extensive gardens in a variety of international styles with Koi ponds, ponds and springs. There are also relics made of recycled metal and paintings of dinosaurs and pirates, including “art and wonder” to impress grandchildren.

The property has an 850-foot water front and two docks.

Douglas Elman

Almost every room in the main house and guest house – together with eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms – offers a view of the water, and each home has its own swimming pool and dock. The family took the boat and sailed to the ocean, where the property was located.

The main building is a state-of-the-art facility with facilities such as a spa and sauna, an outdoor kitchen, sunlight and a wide view of the Morkis Bay. The garden paths lead to the guest house, which was once a hotel and later a lounge for nuns, said Bravo.

According to Ms. Juffurta, prices and people have “increased” in Hampton, and there has been an increase in interest in East Morris. Buyers looking for more space are looking for Hamptonton west of Shinkok Canal, which divides the Long Island.

At $ 7.25 million, 850-plus feet of water is not available on 15 acres in Hampton, the agent said.

According to Ms. Bravo, the area is as beautiful as it was 25 years ago, and she and her husband are moving out of the city.

“There are not many people, there are no lines. It has never changed,” said Bravo. “For someone who wants privacy, it can be very healing.


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