He urged Americans to grow their gardens during the summer

Stockholm, August 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Demand for gardens and outdoors has grown significantly as we have been able to walk, plant, weed and sow during the epidemic. During the rest of the summer in the United States, many people seem to enjoy the company of friends and family.

The digital subscription service has reported an 81% increase in gardening readership in recent months. Hedgehogs, flower boxes, and garden shades are just some of the most sought after items in your favorite category.

Chris Cookman, Says the US Content Officer. Reading in the gardening category has reached new heights this year as people seek inspiration for their outdoor spaces and see or visit the garden as a hobby. The magazines on our platform were great educational, advice, and inspiration for a variety of gardens. Many people will continue to show their projects and popularity as they open their gardens to welcome guests and show off their hard work over the past year.

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To help your garden spend the summer, Readly from a gardener and if he declares himself a ‘Google Plant’, Justin Hancock From Costa Farms. Justin outlines some basic tips for caring for your garden during the warmer months.

Summer flowers bloom more

Do you want your yard to look great (and maybe make your neighbors a little jealous)? It may be easier than you think!

  • Remove old flowers. If the fallen flowers fall, it will help many of them grow Addis Ababa faster. (This is because cutting back plants encourages growth, and your plants can add more energy to produce more flowers than seeds.) One way to make this easier is to walk a few minutes in each of your landscapes. Days of picking up used flowers. (I found my day to be a great way to start my morning tea አይደለም It’s not as hot outside and I take some steps before you put it on my desk all day!)

  • Be sure to scratch the soil. The 2 to 3 inches deep fig cover protects the soil from frost, reduces moisture to evaporation, and eliminates weed growth. (Molecules can cut up to 80 percent of weeds!) All of this is good for your plants, giving them more energy to keep working like shampoos. One of my favorite things about glue? You only have to do it once in the beginning.

  • Pull out weeds when they appear. Weeds control most of the weeds for you, but they are not perfect. (To mention Jurassic Park, weeds and dinosaurs are “life’s way. In addition, pulling weeds before flowering can prevent them from seeding – and that means you stop every plant from producing future generations.

  • Automatic watering. Never worry about having a simple (and cheap!) Timer for your plumbing and spraying. According to your plan, this hidden device will turn your water on and off. So if you have a place to turn the hose and hold a picker or two, you can enjoy your comfort without the complicated or expensive irrigation system.

  • Find your inspiration around the world with such subscription services Ready Where you can find wealth in gardening.

Give some love to your houseplants

While it’s easy to focus on the great outdoors, don’t forget about your indoor garden

  • Summer is a wonderful time to rejuvenate your houseplants. Don’t know how to speak? Slide the ball from the bottom. If you see many, many roots roaming around the outside of the ballpark, maybe now is the time to renew it. Find tips here.

  • Longer days and more light intensity also means that if you have not done so since last year, it is a good time to plant. Any general-purpose fertilizer will work, just follow the instructions on the package. Tip: Keep it simple by using time-saving fertilizer. Just add it once and it will feed your plant for the next few months!

  • Keep them away from the air conditioner. Airborne drafts that are different from the ambient air can damage some indoor plants, so it is best to keep your home forest away from any vents or other drafts.

  • Longer days, brighter and warmer temperatures make sure your water plants grow faster. They use a lot of water as they grow faster. It is common for people to need more water during the summer months than during the summer months.

The ready digital subscription service has a magazine that suits every gardener’s garden with gardening tips, from first-hour pots on the veranda to an experienced gardener.


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