Heartless thieves invade a charity box on CCTV

Prominent gardeners have appealed to the Rockdale people to help them catch three unscrupulous robbers who emptied their cash boxes.

The three young men were caught on CCTV after raising the roof Gordon Rig Garden, Home and Recreation at Moss Bridge Road, Kingway, Rockdale Friday night.

“They cut a hole in the curtain, and they saw that they were all open and completely empty,” said manager John Jackson. But they somehow broke it all down.

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He also said that last year he celebrated his 75th birthday at a family-run garden center in Todomorden.

Images of Gordon rig fracture suspects pixels for legal reasons

“We have plastic bags with 75th anniversary,” says John. They stole some of it sweetly.

But he said their most disgusting act was the theft of funds from the Royal National Institutes, Springdale Hospital in Rockdale, Macmillan Cancer Support, and the Penn rescue team.

One of the passengers, who was filmed on CCTV, returned to pick up more booze the next night.

“They caused thousands of pounds in damage,” says John. I hope only the police can find them. Their images have appeared on social media, and I ask anyone who knows who they are to contact the police.

Posts on Facebook have sparked outrage in the city.

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