Heavy rains have caused severe damage in Aranchahal, causing extensive damage

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Heavy rains have caused severe damage in Aranchahal, causing extensive damage

Constant rains have caused flooding in various parts of Aranakhal Pradesh, damaging normal life and damaging crops and infrastructure. According to reports, the rising water level in various rivers in Siang Woreda has severely affected agricultural and fruit crops, including bamboo trees.

Panging-Boleng M.O.O.

Siang Deputy Commissioner Atul Tayen said heavy rains on Thursday caused unprecedented flooding on the Simgan River.

The local GREF (General Reserve Engineer Force) has been evacuated from the labor camps, and 550 people have been transferred to the government high school in Boleng, officials said.

Residents in the lowlands have been asked to keep an eye on the rising water level, he said. He added that the Bailey Bridge in the village of Suple was connected by six villages in the district.

Authorities say the Subbung Hydropower Plant (SHP) has damaged the power plant and water supply system due to landslides.

He said power lines were also destroyed in many parts of the woreda. Officials say the newly constructed stone pavement in East Siang District has been washed away and endangered the village of Jarku.

He said rising water levels in the lower Mebo villages have also caused severe erosion in the lower Mebo villages along the rivers such as Borguli, Seram, Congolese, Naming Gaddum and Mer.

Local councilor Lombo Tayen said heavy rains have caused severe erosion, crop damage and infrastructure, as well as flooding of low-lying areas.

He said the rising Siang water level is posing a serious threat to rural areas of the Mebo sub-division.

Borguli High School’s girls’ hostel is washed away by the river and the festival ground in Borguli is being eroded. Massive erosion continues in the villages of Cigar and Borguli.

Ten villages with a total population of 15,000 were severely damaged, and power supplies and plumbing were severely damaged, he said.

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