Heavy rains have increased vegetable prices throughout Karnataka.

The wholesale price of tomatoes in Kolar, 60 miles[60 km]from Bengalru, has risen sharply. 140 Over the past 15 days, according to traders from the district, supply has been declining as rains have hit the affected region.

From the surrounding mass By the end of October, 5-20 kilograms, prices are now hovering. 80-140, Traders are on Monday.

“There are two main reasons. One is that due to the heavy rains in June and July, many farmers did not come to sow and they only got half of what they harvested,” said Sudhakar Gowda, led by KRS Tomato Mandi of the district.

“I have seen severe damage to rugs, vegetables, fruits and flowers. Floodwaters from the Mudavadi Irrigation Tank have cut off roads in the area, and nearly 790 homes have been completely or partially damaged. Agri crops on 48,333 hectares of land and 6966 hectares of fruits and vegetables were damaged, 189 km of roads and 34 bridges were damaged in preliminary reports, Prime Minister Basavaraj Bommai said on Monday after visiting the district.

The cholera crisis, one of the largest tomato markets in Asia, is severe, affecting people’s lives and livelihoods after the Covide-Covide epidemic.

Gowda imports tomatoes from neighboring Andra Pradesh and other regions, and Collar is contributing less than 10 percent of its normal supply, he said.

In November, Collar received more than 400% of normal rainfall because the district recorded 253 mm per month compared to the standard 51 mm, according to the Karnataka Disaster Management Authority (KSDMA).

Due to the Northeast rainfall, Karnataka averaged 129 mm compared to the standard 35 mm, with an additional 271% of the state rainfall in November.

Traders say the number of tomatoes has dropped from 50-450 trucks a day to 50.

As one of the largest suppliers of tomatoes to Bengalru and Chennai, retail prices have risen sharply. 150, depending on the market.

Prices for other vegetables have also increased dramatically in recent days, not only for the farmer but also for the consumer who has to pay more for their daily needs.

Women’s fingers are on now. 130 per kilogram from 70 About two weeks ago, beans in 98 per kilogram, onion b 56 and a tin can now cost 50 from 30 weeks ago, retailers said.

Bombay said there was no shortage of funds for relief work 684cr attended with district administrations in the state.

“Total 5,000 compensation will be paid for completely damaged homes 3,000 birr for partially damaged houses in three rooms. DCs were ordered to pay the first installment 1,000 immediately, Bombay said.

He said. The state government has released 500 kroner for the maintenance of roads and bridges.

According to the Karnataka government, the November rains affected more than 347,000 hectares of crops and 30,114 hectares of fruits and vegetables. The worst-affected districts are Colorado and neighboring Chikabolpura, which received 500% more rainfall, according to the report.

Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign.

“There are no circuit ministers. No one has ever considered the extent of crop failure. Crops are destroyed, houses are destroyed, cattle are destroyed. No study has been done so far, they said.

He added that the Bombay government was prioritizing election-related activities, such as Jana Swarajaya Yatra, rather than the plight of the victims.

Bombay Yatra said it was planned and that it was incorrect to link the two events.

Bombay had previously said that the government could not pay compensation for the implementation of the Model Code of Conduct.

He rejected the proposal and said the government should contact the Electoral Commission to resolve the issue, as farmers and others were suffering.


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