Heliospectra (publ) Half Annual Report January-June 2021

Gothenburg, Sweden, August 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Heliospectra AB (pubda) (Nasdaq First North Growth Market: HELIO), the world leader in intelligent lighting technology for greenhouse and control areas, will present its “Half-Year Report for January-June 2021”.

The full report is closed for this press release and posted at https://www.heliospectra.com/investor-relations/investor-relations.

Summary of report:

Sales and financial performance, January – June

Order receipt in April – June SEK-61,492 thousand. This figure includes the cancellation of orders from Nectar Farms; AustraliaDescribed in April 2021. Excluding this cancellation, order receipt within the specified time 10,171 kroner (1,717) thousand. For January-June, it is the corresponding figure 22,706 kroner (4,181) Thousand.

Net sales volume in April – June 8,768 kroner (4,674) thousand and operating profit SEK -9,230 (-13,185) thousand, indicating negative operating margin (negative). Profit after tax SEK -9,230 (-13,137) Thousand. For January-June, net sales volume 18,728 kroner (19,874) thousand and operating profit SEK -16,532 (-22,242) thousand, indicating negative operating margin (negative). Profit after tax SEK -16,537 (-22,190) thousand.

cash flow, January – June

Workflow was cash flow SEK -14 755 (-28 285) thousand. It was total cash flow Kroner-20 320 (-28 371) thousand. Cash flows from investment activities primarily refer to major accounting activities in the form of product development.

General Manager COMMENT

Dear Heliospectra AB (publ) shareholder,

Despite the same covival challenges faced by most global industries: supply chain issues, delayed investments, and economic instability – we have made measurable progress in the first half of the year. If we differentiate the result of order cancer from nectar farms, which region has reached 443% by 2020, the half-year sales have decreased by 6% compared to the same period last year. In order to cope with the current market situation, the operating costs have been adjusted, which has improved Ibidida by 27.7% compared to last year. We have made great strides in the development of our proprietary biosensor technology and are advancing towards this revolutionary solution.

The cancellation of the Nectar farms order was another result of the uncontrollable effects of COVID. Unfortunately, the client was not able to raise enough funds on time. Although this is a bitter pill to swallow, such a large customer should be proud to have selected such a large customer Heliospectra LED after all, after three years of robust and competitive analysis.

We look forward to bringing our proprietary biosensor technology into business. This is a game changer that not only improves our position in this space but also strengthens our reputation as a technology innovation company. The innovative biosensor technology will transform the CEA (controlled area agriculture) industry by allowing farmers to connect with their crops and adapt to production standards. For example, this technology informs farmers of the type of light the crop needs at different stages of development. By being able to respond to crop needs “in real time,” farmers are able to grow high-quality crops quickly with very low crop waste and thus maximize their profits. We have already passed the practical confirmation of our solutions and have shown a great deal of business and research interest. Therefore, we will continue to focus on completing this product at the beginning of next year.

At the same time, we are working hard to streamline our product offerings and expand our global presence in the marketplace. We are working on a comprehensive solution that combines our industry leader lighting solutions with our control platform and biosensor technology. We look forward to further supporting and meeting the needs of our existing and future customers by providing this packaged solution. We are also focused on expanding our global reach by strengthening our sales channels. Heliospectra has partnered with two new vendors. MineARC Systems, a global leader in the production and supply of controlled environments, represents Heliospectra products and solutions in the Australian market. Harahara Inc., a long-term supplier of agricultural solutions. Japan. We will continue to expand our vendor network in the coming months by partnering with local trusted and qualified vendors.

As we look forward to, our goal is to raise and re-engineer technology in fruits and vegetables by providing integrated solutions that focus on crops and produce. With LED lighting becoming a commodity, we are distinguishing ourselves and our products by focusing on the future of lighting in fruits and vegetables and focusing on practical innovations that will bring value to our customers. In support of these goals, we will continually review our strategy to strike a balance between our business practices and R&D.

In addition, as we continue to fight unusual social and market challenges, we look forward to good relationships with our existing customers to ensure we are ready to receive and deliver the latest, but the upcoming orders will also provide a clear way to introduce new, modern biosenser technology solutions.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to regularly updating you on our progress for the rest of the year.

Ali Ahmedin,
President and CEO

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