Henderson County on goal in national shooting competition

As they calmed down in the line of gunfire, nervous excitement grew in Henderson County 4-Hers. Listening to Range Safety Officers’ commands, “Ready on the right, ready on the left, line safe, get started!” The first day of the 4-H Shooting Sport National Citizens’ Competition has started.

Six contestants and two volunteer coaches from Young Natural 4-H Club in Henderson County were among the many 4-H competitors competing in the 4-H national shooter competition. After district and state competitions, national experiments and months of practice, North Carolina had 31 4-H competitors representing the state, six of them from the Young Natural 4-H Club in Henderson County!

Emma Wilkey, Dessie McCarthy, Kali McColl, Maggie Macl – AC Air Rifle Team; Ezra Presley – NC Frequent Arrow Team; Caleb McCarson – ACC Air Rifle Team

The week is filled with laughter, friendship, community, focus, competition and winning. Henderson County 4-H is proud of each of our competitors and is grateful to all of their coaches who have trained hard, raised money and worked to bring it to the national level! We are proud to be part of the second most beautiful state in North Carolina! 4-H Shooting Sports The nationalities have three different days of competition in which each competitor competes. Prizes will be awarded after each day of competition and overall results on the fourth day.

Awards to Henderson County contestants

1st day results Ezra Presley, 3rd place team, 12th overall

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