Here are 4 ways to keep cats out of the garden.

They love soft creatures with their own cats, but neighbors with cats often have a different feeling.

As much as gardeners can be attractive – with their big eyes and soft hair – it will not replace the problems they can cause in your garden and sometimes in your lawn.

So how can you stop Fallins from entering your garden to relax or dig in flower beds?

Experts from the David Suzuki Foundation say: “Neighboring kittens can be a problem in your garden.

“Cats are carnivorous animals. Their stools may contain parasites or pathogens that are not present in plant manure.

“This is because most of us plan to eat our produce.

“Cats roam the home and kill songbirds and some 140 million birds and small animals.

“And if you are doing it right, your yard and garden are designed to attract florists such as hummingbirds and other wild birds.

“Cats can also roam the neighborhood.”

Thankfully, there are four tips for naturalists on how to keep pets from doing bad things in your yard.

Creating a specific sound

Kitty does not like to be surprised by unexpected shouts, so experts suggest investing in some windmills.

The experts said: “Try to hear the breeze, the bells ringing, or even the rocks or pebbles shaking when Kitty comes into the pot.

Just as cats are beautiful – with their big eyes and soft hair – it does not compensate for the problems you can cause in your garden.
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“There are also devices on the move and in the ultrasound equipment, cats are unable to stand but produce frequencies that are not heard by humans.”

Only add water

Cats are known to hate bathing and water in general, so setting up a spray system can be a way of freedom.

Experts say: “A gentle mist with a spray bottle of water can help cats lose their positive contact with your garden.

“Active spraying systems also keep cats away. Make sure you remember when you are flying and follow the instructions during the summer water shortage.

Get out of the fence

Stop cats from entering your garden with high fences.

The adults said: “Create a barbed wire fence.

“Most recommend at least 1.8 meters tall and 5.1 by 5.1-cm squares. Overcrowding makes it better.

He raised them

Cats are very sensitive to smells and there are many odors that they cannot tolerate.

Experts say: “Cats do not like the scent of rhubarb, lavender and pennyroyal, colitis cannabis and lemongrass.

“Plant some of these in the garden. (Planting can also attract flower lenders and other beneficial insects.)

“They also avoid strong lemon scents. Drop the peel directly into the garden.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been licensed here.

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