Heritage Club continues to grow

Angola: Stuben County Heritage Club in 1905 Wohlert St. On the occasion of its one-year anniversary, the company is showing its commitment to the development of a new outdoor recreation center by showing a high garden bed for vegetables and flowers.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said former club heritage director Denise Cress. “As long as the buildings are in the plans, we have found this in the plans. So two years. ”

Cress officially resigned from the director’s office earlier this month, but it was still Saturday and morning when the construction of the new outdoor center began.

For a quick snack, the area is 576 square feet of protected area to avoid stray animals.

“We want to make sure that the garden we are planting and growing is closed so that everyone can easily enter without having to bend or bend down,” Creis said.

Some members of the Heritage Club are also members of the American Horticultural Society Master’s Gardener Program, and the new garden provides opportunities for club members, gardeners and hobbies to work outside of nature.

“The ultimate goal is that anyone here in the heritage club can pick vegetables, pick flowers, take them home, have fun, use them here in the kitchen, and finally, maybe stand in front of them a little bit. They can sell their produce and flowers. That way, they can continue to go back to the center. ”

The Heritage Club has received support from the youth charity Forever Improving Steuben County Together for its flora and fauna.

Acknowledgments, Cress expressed her delight at the opportunities this partnership can open up to young FIST members.

“One of the best things about having FIST children involved is not only the attitude that allows us to do this, but also the ability to bring young children to us,” says CREES. Teach them to grow their own vegetables and food and work with the elderly and perhaps make some connections there.

In addition to FIST, the Heritage Club is supported by 101 members of Lake Kiwanis from Angola who arrived on Saturday morning to begin the project if they are willing to take on the project.

“We are so blessed,” Cress said. I also want the community to know, and I think how important these service clubs and organizations are that they usually do because most of us who are not for profit would not have existed without these service clubs. And do what they do ”


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