Hidden garden minutes from Shard that you don’t know you have

Thousands of Londoners will return to their offices this month, and many will be aging.

Where can you eat your lunch in a little peace and quiet in central London?

The center of the capital is unknown in the vast green areas, making many Londoners enjoy their lunch break in their sweaty offices and cramped rooms.

But those who work in the Southwest, especially near Boru Highway, are fortunate.

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The delightful Red Cross Garden is left only on the high street, which hangs invisibly behind the school.

The term “hidden pearls” is often used in connection with some of London’s greatest miracles.

But considering this small public garden, they live near London’s Boro Market and Flat Metal Square, where the hidden pearls are relatively unknown.

Come in at any part of the weekday lunch and watch a few office workers go into their food parcels and drink their lattes and enjoy the unusual atmosphere in the garden.

Even on hot summer days, you can still find a place between the sunset and take half an hour from the stress of city life.

It is not really deceptive to see why they won the prize garden and why they love it so much.

Filled with spectacular flowers and leaves, it is set in the background of beautiful little huts. You will also find a small wildlife pond and associated fountain, Rose Friday and a band stop.

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Stand in the middle of the garden and look up, and you will be reminded of how close you are to the center of London – from the shards above, just enough not to disturb the countryside.

The garden, as it is today, did not last long. Still, it has an interesting story.

History of the Red Cross Garden

The beautiful garden was designed in the late 1880s by co-founder of Social Reconstruction and National Trust Octavia Spencer.

Octavia was a devout believer in high-quality housing for poor workers, and a row of nests in the back of the garden was part of Octavia’s first social housing program.

At the beginning of a few huts there was even a blue board given to her.

The Red Cross Garden was unfortunately not used in the 1940s and was eventually renovated.

However, after funding was confirmed by Buncide Vacancies (BOST) in 2005, the garden was restored to its original Victorian location and opened in 2006 by Princess Anne.

A.D. In 2010, the garden won the Gold Medal at the Blue Work in South 2010, and the year. He won the Green Flag Community Award in 2011.

A.D. In 2016, The Daily Telegraph named it one of London’s best secret gardens.

A small group of volunteers are now watering the plants alongside the office staff and the occasional missing tourist.

Some Londoners seem to have fallen out of favor with the garden, and BOST has now opened it for wedding ceremonies.

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