Hidden planning permit you need to build a garden

You never know who will tell you or why, so it’s a good idea to check with your local planning department before you start work, especially if the plan is expensive. But far from the garden, I know of a plan for a tennis court surrounded by trees. Reported. It is a mystery how he appeared in a very isolated place. He got permission to go back – he was lucky because the cost of removal for tennis courts could be significantly higher than the cost of construction.

Mistakes can be made when people think that their entire perimeter is designated as a garden, and therefore allow development rights on the site by allowing them to build certain features. However, sometimes unfamiliar areas, such as the old farm or paddock, can be considered farmland rather than garden, which is not automatically covered by developmental rights.

Authorized development rights allow you to build cottages, outdoor offices, stone floors and fences as long as you follow shelter limits and you do not live in a natural beauty, conservation area, national park, heritage site. Or Norfolk or Suffolk Broadcasts.

One of my clients bought a plot of land to extend their garden, but this meant that it was no longer used in agriculture, so they were told to stop harvesting regularly.

On the other hand, the owners refused to create a garden in the nearby paddock and built a garden and greenhouse on it, which is considered acceptable as a vegetable garden.

You can apply for the listed building agreement for many of the items in the property reduction. I had to apply to get rid of the pre-greenhouse in the 1960s along with the listed garden walls.

Ornamental pools, low walls, large stone floors, and even high beds may require a listed permit. I’ve had occasional animated discussions between them about what licenses are needed, so it’s no surprise that Joe’s public perceptions are blurred.

If you develop something without permission, it can be removed for up to 10 years without interruption.

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