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The redevelopment of the canal east of Denver shows the diversity of the region.

The Highway Canal, which runs 71 miles south of Denver to Aurora, Colorado, was built in the late 19th century. The canal, which was originally dug by hand to irrigate local farmers, is now moving from a historic site to a green road.

From Sasaki, the Agency’s Landscape + Planning and Living Cities Studio’s High Line Canal Change Plan clearly identifies five canal zones and names them in an integrated design and road search system. The plan emphasizes the need for access and basic services for all communities along the canal to enjoy. The newly established Non-Profit Highway Canal Consortization oversees the implementation of the plan and promotes its benefits to everyone living near the canal.

“The canal is natural, connected and continuous, and not something from beginning to end,” said GNA Ford, chief landscape architect at the agency’s Landscape + Planning. “It is not a system designed for humans. The Highway Canal Consortium has a lot of work to do to make people fit. I think that’s what got into the vision and the framework plans. (Additional…)

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