Hillsborough students win garden beds, show interest in food

Kutama Elementary School students will welcome high garden beds into their campus

Hillsboro Elementary School students are celebrating after winning high garden beds as part of a competition. Kutama Elementary School students can now learn about nutrition, science and a variety of healthy foods. (Coin)

Hilseboro, Ore. (KOIN) – With one hand garbage and another tomato, elementary school students in Hillsborough welcome the school garden to their school.

Quatama Elementary School won a competition called Project Paradise, which offers high garden beds, soil, seeds and equipment.

As they explore the taste of healthy foods harvested from vegetables, teachers provide lessons and activities to teach children about nutrition, science, and finger extension.

School officials said they were not surprised to see the children enjoying the vegetables around them.

“Children are by nature inquisitive, so it is an exciting opportunity for them,” said Yolanda Coleman, principal of Quamata Elementary School. They have been participating in the summer school for the past two weeks.

In Hillsboro, students at Quatama Elementary School will learn how to cut vegetables after winning a project education garden competition. (Coin)

Students also had the opportunity to cut some vegetables in a mobile cooking cart. The cart includes recipes, a cookbook and a variety of kitchen utensils.

The competition is sponsored by Albertson Safeway, Doll Canned Foods and the Captain Planet Foundation. The Foundation has a small grants program to support schools and nonprofit local projects across the country.

More than 1.6 million children have directly benefited from these educational projects.

When school officials return to campus in the fall, many students hope to use the classroom.

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