Himachal CM announces 6% DA for government employees, retirees

In addition to notifying BPL families, the edible oil subsidy will increase Mandy Municipal Corporation 15 million to carry out development work

By HT reporter

A.D. Published 16 August 2021 04:43 PM

Following the election in three constituencies and in the parliamentary constituencies, the Prime Minister of the Social Welfare Party, Jame Ram Takur, announced a 6% allowance for state government employees.

On Sunday, July 1, 2021, Takur, who is leading the state-level Independence Day celebrations in his hometown of Mandy, announced 6% DA to state government employees and retirees. 450 kronor for workers and retirees.

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The Prime Minister announced that the subsidy on cooking oil has been improved for families below the poverty line and above the poverty line. To 10 liters 30 liters to BPL card holders and from 5 to 10 liters for APL card holders for the next four months. This will benefit 18.71,000 cardholders.

Said the Prime Minister Mandy Municipal Corporation will provide Rs 15 crore for development works.

This was the first time that regional and district levels were being used at the Shimla Ridge.

Minister of State for Power, Sukram Chawhari, led the work at Davy College, Kotka, at the district level. In June, after the death of former Minister of Fruit and Dress, Narendra Bragata, the Jubilee Kotkai Assembly seat became vacant.



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