Hobbit Death was one of the most disturbing episodes of this scene.

For the seemingly small Hobbit trilogy is one of the most beautiful and intricate collections built for movies before and after the destruction of the city of Del. The screen time was shown in three different films, with less than half an hour. However, it is important for the story. The scene of Dell’s filth has had a profound effect on all the staff and actors working on the design team and the films.

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This once rich place is very clear in the jokes and memories of the days before the dragon’s arrival (like Turin). It is known as one of the richest and most sought after places in the Middle East. This was due to his close relationship with both Esgaroth, who brought in marine fish and other luxury items; And the abode of the nobles, the Airborne, whose wealth flowed into the surrounding lands, traded in precious stones, precious stones, and magnificent metal and wood crafts. But this only serves to make the city worse.

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The collection was created in a manner similar to that of the Minas Trit. Lord of the Rings. It was one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of all six films, and because of its many hidden details, it was impossible to identify them all during Dell’s time in the movies, including all extended editions.

From the back streets to the famous doll market in the city center, from candle makers and textile sellers and bakeries, he made no effort to make the place look beautiful, elegant and prosperous Utopia. One of the great themes of the Mediterranean-inspired beauty of the Mediterranean is its prolific flora. In the backyard, there are trees, vineyards, flowers and vegetables and herbs in every backyard garden and window sill and hanger and crutch. The collection was built in early New Zealand in the summer and it was very difficult for the horticultural group behind the films to find rich plants this year. But it was very important to get this right.

False fruits carved and painted on the ground, as well as fake plants with bright berries, such as bright red strawberries and juicy blackberries. And the main feature, just in the middle of the hips, is the children’s playground, where many of the animals have been playing music that they have known since childhood. The puppet market itself is packed with wonderful works of wood such as puzzles and dolls, shields, and of course there are famous cats that appeared before the magician.

When the actors and the band members say that it is a strange village that they want their children to bring for the holiday, everyone loves this wonderful collection. Then it was embarrassing to see them disappear.

To describe the devastation of the city, the beautiful collection was completely defiled, as if it had been destroyed by a dragon. The windows were removed from their trunks, and then replaced with burnt debris in the burnt buildings; The beautiful paint on the buildings is covered with thick gray ash. The packed streets were filled with clear, unobtrusive images, twisted corpses of fiery torches, and the square in the center of the city was reminiscent of the joys of that time. The builders overturned the horrible angles of the children’s gallows as they melted, and set a great example for the animals, which they once invited, to have a damaged, burnt-out appearance, and a clean appearance during the day. The original collection was completely transformed upon review.

In this way, Dell’s filth became one of the most shocking scenes for the cast and crew. When they were finally allowed to return to the collection after the post-apocalyptic edition, they felt as if everyone had lost something, because they all had memories of beauty and home. How they felt about the collection weeks ago.

Actors and staff alike reported that it was difficult to record scenes here because of the overwhelming emotions and reflections of the participants. In fact, it only served to make the scene worse. The sadness and grief expressed by the characters are in many ways more real.

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